Far East Film Festival 20

Udine Italy April 20th/ April 28th 2018
The Film Festival For Popular Asian Cinema



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All the films at a Glance

The line-up of the 14th edition of the Far East Film Festival (in Udine, from April 20th to 28th) was announced yesterday, Tuesday April 10th.

Key titles of this year’s selection will be, from Korea, “Sunny” by Kang Hyoung-chul, the opening film, a national preview, on Friday April 20th, a collective moving ballad on female friendship, and “The Viral Factor” directed by the king of action movies, Dante Lam, who will keep the audience at Teatro Nuovo “Giovanni da Udine”  in suspense during Closing night on April 28th!

The selection will be made up of 47 brad new movies in competition (+ 5 short-films and plus 10 titles within the previously announced retrospective of 1970s South Korean cinema), on at Teatro Nuovo “Giovanni da Udine” and Visionario, among them 2 world premieres – the Japanese “Thermae Romae” by Takeuchi Hideki and from Hong Kong “The Bounty” by Fung Chih-chiang –, 15 International Festival premieres and 16 European premieres. Also, 10 Japanese films (enriched by a short-film about the tragedy of Fukushima, directed by one of the most important directors in the Japanese scene, Hiroki Ryuichi) will be part of the assortment and, for the first time in Europe, 4 short/medium films from the Fresh Wave Festival in Hong Kong, which Johnnie To himself directs on behalf of Hong Kong Arts Development Council. Joining the line-up, we’ll have the Asian box-office hit, from Taiwan, “You Are the Apple of My Eye” and the European Premiere of the very violent and stylized Japanese movie “Hard Romanticker” by Gu Su-yeon. This 14th edition will be also distinguished by the major comeback of celebrities, starting with Johnnie To, who will be honored by the Festival with the “Gelso d’Oro” (Golden Mulberry) – Career Award, and the eccentric Pang Ho-cheung who will present also the awaited “Vulgaria”.

The retrospective, with 10 films, which are virtually never-before-seen in the West, is dedicated to Korean directors from the Seventies, who during “The Darkest Decade”, in spite of strong censorship and General Park Chung Hee’s government control over production, were able to create masterpieces while keeping themselves hidden.


The Cockfighters, JIN Rui, China 2012, drama, International Festival Premiere
Love Is Not Blind, TENG Huatao, China 2011, romantic comedy, European Premiere
The Man Behind the Courtyard House, China 2011, FEI Xing, thriller – horror, Italian Premiere
My Own Swordsman, SHANG Jing, China 2011, martial arts-action-comedy, China 2011, International Festival Premiere One Mile Above – a.k.a. Kora, DU Jiayi, China 2011, road movie, European Premiere
Song of Silence, CHEN Zhuo, China 2012, drama, European Premiere

The 33D Invader, Cash CHIN, Hong Kong 2011, erotic-sci-fi, International Festival Premiere
The Bounty, FUNG Chih-chiang, Hong Kong 2012, quirky comedy, World Premiere
East Meets West 2011, Jeff LAU, Hong Kong 2011, visionary comedy, International Festival Premiere
The Great Magician, Derek YEE, Hong Kong 2012, black-magic comedy, Italian Premiere
Love in a Puff, PANG Ho-cheung, Hong Kong 2010, smoking/no smoking comedy, Info Screening
Love in the Buff, PANG Ho-cheung, Hong Kong 2012, comedy-romance, International Festival Premiere
Nightfall, Roy CHOW, Hong Kong 2012, thriller, International Festival Premiere
Romancing in Thin Air, Johnnie TO, Hong Kong 2012, drama, European Premiere
The Viral Factor, Dante LAM, Hong Kong 2012, action-thriller, International Festival Premiere
Vulgaria, PANG Ho-cheung, Hong Kong 2012, vulgar comedy, European Premiere

Fresh Wave Focus (shorts)
The Decisive Moment, WONG Wai-kit, Hong Kong 2010
1+1, Mo LAI, Hong Kong 2010
July 1st, an Unhappy Birthday, LI Miao, Hong Kong 2011
Sew, LI Yin-fung, Hong Kong 2011

Love, Doze NIU, Taiwan 2012, comedy-romace, Italian Premiere
Warriors of the Rainbow, WEI Te-sheng, action-epic, Taiwan 2011
You Are the Apple of My Eye, Giddens, youth-comedy, European Premiere

Blind, AHN Sang-hoon, South Korea 2011, thriller, European Premiere
Dangerously Excited, KOO Ja-hong, South Korea 2011, bass-guitar-comedy-drama, European Premiere
The Front Line, JANG Hun, South Korea 2011, war-drama, Italian Premiere
Moby Dick, PARK In-jae, South Korea, crime-thriller, International Festival Premiere
My Secret Partner, PARK Hun-soo, South Korea 2011, erotic comedy, International Festival Premiere
Penny Pinchers, KIM Jeong-hwan, South Korea 2011, comedy-romance, European Premiere
Punch, LEE Han, South Korea 2011, drama, Italian Premiere
Silenced, HWANG Dong-hyuk, South Korea 2011, courtroom-drama, European Premiere
Sunny, KANG Hyung-chul, South Korea 2011, comedy-drama, Italian Premiere
Unbowed, CHUNG Ji-young, South Korea 2012, courtroom drama, European Premiere

Afro Tanaka, MATSUI Daigo, Japan 2012, youth comedy, International Festival Premiere
The Egoists, HIROKI Ryuichi, Japan 2011, drama, European Premiere
Hard Romanticker, GU Su-yeon, Japan 2011, violent-youth-drama, European Premiere
Love Strikes!, ONE Hitoshi, Japan 2011, romantic-comedy, International Festival Premiere
Mitsuko Delivers, ISHII Yuya, Japan 2011, youth drama-comedy, Italian Premiere
Rent-a-Cat, OGIGAMI Naoko, Japan 2012, gently comic drama, Italian Premiere
River, HIROKI Ryuichi, Japan 2012, drama, European Premiere
Sukiyaki, MAEDA Tetsu, Japan 2011, comedy-drama, International Festival Premiere
The Future of Children in Fukushima, HIROKI Ryuichi, Japan 2011, short, European Premiere
Thermae Romae, TAKEUCHI Hideki, Japan 2012, time travel comedy-drama, World Premiere
The Woodsman and the Rain, OKITA Shuichi, Japan 2011, comedy-drama, Italian Premiere

Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay, Antoinette H. JADAONE, The Philippines 2011, comedy mockumentary, International Festival Premiere
The Woman in the Septik Tank, Marlon RIVERA, The Philippines 2011, comedy, Italian Premiere

It Gets Better, Tanwarin SUKKHAPISIT, Thailand 2011, drama-romance, European Premiere

Kentut, Aria KUSUMADEWA, Indonesia 2011, comedy, International Festival Premiere
A Kick from Heaven, Hanung BRAMANTYO, Indonesia 2011, football-drama, International Festival Premiere

Already Famous, Michelle CHONG, Singapore 2011, comedy, International Festival Premiere

Bunohan: Return to Murder, Dain Iskandar SAID, Malaysia 2012, action-drama, Italian Premiere
Effendee MAZLAN, Fariza AZLINA ISAHAK, Malaysia 2011, drama, International Festival Premiere

The Divine Bow, IM Kwon-taek, 1979, shamanist drama
Flame, YU Hyun-mok, 1975, colonial/war drama
Iodo, KIM Ki-young, 1977, island drama
Night Journey, KIM Soo-yong, 1977, erotic drama
Pollen, HA Kil-chong, 1972, political allegory
Rainy Days, YU Hyun-mok, 1979, Korean War film
Splendid Outing, KIM Soo-yong, 1978, island drama
Wang Sib Ri, My Hometown, IM Kwon-taek, 1976, nostalgic gangster drama
A Woman Chasing a Killer Butterfly, KIM Ki-young, 1978, hallucinatory fantasy
Youngja’s Heyday, Kim Ho-sun, 1975, eccentric romance

WORLD PREMIERE = First public screening in the world
INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL PREMIERE = First festival screening in the world
EUROPEAN PREMIERE = First public screening in Europe
ITALIAN PREMIERE = First public screening in Italy