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Waiving The Flag For Thai Action:

Far East Film 11: the countdown plus sneak previews
With the much-awaited cult movie, and a special focus containing 4 other titles, this celebrated Udinese festival will chronicle the latest explosive phenomenon, in popular cinema made in Asia.

Press release dated 3rd February 2009
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UDINE – Once upon a time, the martial arts film, Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior, that conquered its native Thailand, was also released all over the world, yielding the undying love of one Luc Besson (who went on to distribute the film in French cinemas with great success), and bewitching Italian audiences in the process… From that moment on, in festivals and across all international circuits, everybody was talking about the film’s much awaited return. And finally, that come back we all anticipated, is now here: Ong Bak 2, directed and starring the legendary Tony Jaa (and presented before His Majesty the King of Thailand, in Bangkok on the 8th December 2008) will be one sensational event at Far East Film 11!
To the cry of <<Real fight is back!>>, the 2009 edition starts its engines and begins the official countdown: an appointment in Udine, between the historical seats at the Teatro Nuovo and the rooms of the Visionario, from 24th April to 2nd May. An appointment that, with the European Premiere of the much anticipated cult movie and a special focus containing 4 other titles, sees this remarkable Udinese festival documenting the latest explosive phenomenon of popular cinema made in Asia: Thai Action.
Thai martial arts cinema has come to the fore again in the last 5 years due to the fact that it has inherited all the pioneering audacity of Hong Kong Kung Fu movies from the 70’s and 80’s (think Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan), resulting in its continued growth and increasing development. That is, it has inherited the art of keeping special effects at a distance, staying away from the increasingly omnipresent use of computer graphics, basing the films on real acrobatics, put into play with a creativity so liberal, that it verges on crossing the risk threshold for all the actors (obviously working without stunt doubles)! The spectacular saga of Ong Bak, and the equally spectacular Chocolate (starring “a female version of Jackie Chan”), have therefore captured the attention of millions of spectators, enthralled (precisely) by a pure and solid hyper-realism. Without compromise…
Directed and starring the great Tony Jaa, the only potential heir to Bruce Lee, Ong Bak 2 oozes physicality and is overloaded with combat, from the first ‘til the last minute: the fight scene executed on the backs of ten elephants (with an incredibly acrobatic finale on their tusks!) is truly memorable; the fight sequence involving antique weapons is so infused with speed (and grace), that it puts the human eye to the test! It took over two years for the film to be complete: the first scenes were shot in October 2006, on a panoramic set in Thailand, as well as on location, using some of the most famous tourist sites in the country…
A strategic point of observation, unique and exclusive, on the industry and the latest tendencies of popular Asian cinema, this celebrated festival, created by Centro Espressioni Cinematografiche, marks its eleventh year in existence and is established today as the most important appointment in the West, dedicated to the Far East (China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan). Over the course of 9 days, with screenings running from the morning until late at night, Far East Film is a real and proper celebration of cinema, inspired and organised with a passionate spirit of experimentation, with the aim of presenting the most comprehensive and representative vision possible.
Between past and present, the 2009 edition will give importance to the most recent trends, new authors, the masters of yesterday the discoveries and the revelations that this geographical area – which on an international level is amongst the most dynamic and creative – has produced. A rich selection of key-films, enhanced by a series of themed afternoon discussion, through which we will retrace historical steps, tell stories exploring the evolution of the markets and of the public, but above all, bringing to Udine the most distinguished icons, that the festival has explored, presented and showcased for over ten years, with intense enthusiasm and dedication.
More than 60 films (the majority of them Western premieres), retrospectives, special focuses and discussions, all held in the single venue of Teatro Nuovo and complemented by the Visionario, creating a place that manages to be magical and informal at the same time, perfect for presenting a Grand Gala of stars and celebrities, of works of art and of discoveries…

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