Far East Film Festival 20

Udine Italy April 20th/ April 28th 2018
The Film Festival For Popular Asian Cinema


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  • 10.00/10.30

    USUI Hirotsugu
    producer (Survival Family, Hirugao - Love Affairs in the Afternoon -, TEIICHI - Battle of Supreme High -)

    Moderator: Mark Schilling



    Jean-Paul LY

    Tharoth SAM

    Loy TE

    Moderator: Paolo Bertolin

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Sat, April 22

All times and dates are subject to change.
  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 9.00 AM
    Jason Paul Laxamana
    2016, Philippines
    Carmen’s restaurant is about to close down when Mercury, a mysterious blonde teenager who asks for shelter in exchange for work, turns up. His presence attracts new customers and, determined to keep him with her, Carmen takes care of him and spoils him like a son or a lover. But Mercury has a troubled past that threatens to ruin everything. A satirical comedy that uses irony and moments of drama to address the relationship between Filipinos and white caucasians.

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 10.50 AM
    Yamauchi Kenji
    2016, Japan
    A beautiful terrace, a dinner party, the right amount of alcohol, social masks being removed and a frisson of sex: the fuse is lit, and the spark is the rivalry between the buxom lady of the house and the beautiful Haruko who try to outdo one another while the men’s secrets gradually emerge. A caustic, tightly-paced chamber comedy whose witty dialogue uses irony to expose the vices of "good" Japanese society.

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 12.40 PM
    Pang Ho-cheung
    2017, China & Hong Kong
    Living together is no bed of roses for Jimmy and Cherie. Cherie struggles to put up with Jimmy’s laziness and his love of cheap trinkets, as she confides in her girlfriends. Adding to the complications are Cherie’s father, an old female friend of Jimmy who moves in with them and those suspicious text messages on his phone. Will they manage to repair the cracks in their relationship? Love, sex... and other problems. Pang is back in town!

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 3.00 PM
    Miura Daisuke
    2016, Japan
    Through a dating site, a young slacker hooks up with a girl who actually turns out to be a bored housewife. After the initial embarrassment, the two realise that there is a powerful attraction between them, both sexually and otherwise, but both have a "real" life: he has a girlfriend who funds him and she has a husband, and eventually the web of lies collapses and other unexpected secrets emerge. With an evocative style, Miura underlines that there is never one exclusive truth and that no one is purely good or bad.

  • Visionario, Via Asquini 33
    time 3.00 PM
    Yip Wilson
    2008, Hong Kong
    An action biopic dedicated to the early years of Ip Man, the famous kung fu master who was responsible for the spread of the wing chun school, and known for having had a teenage Bruce Lee as one of his students. Set in the ‘30s Foshan, in southern China, during the Japanese military occupation, it is the patriotic tale of a Chinese hero who fights against a foreign aggressor, as well as an undisputed landmark in Cantonese martial arts film. love%20in%20a%20puff.JPG

  • Visionario, Via Asquini 33
    time 5.00 PM
    Pang Ho-cheung
    2010, Hong Kong
    In Hong Kong the ban on smoking in enclosed places has forced people to gather outdoors near garbage cans to smoke, and it is in precisely on of these groups that lightning strikes and an unlikely love story between an advertising executive and a sales girl. Witty dialogue, a capacity for continuous invention and a radical style make this film one of the most succesful and original examples of Pang Ho-Cheung irreducibly Cantonese cinema.

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 5.25 PM
    Chung Mong-hong
    2016, Taiwan
    Master of laughter Michael Hui returns to the big screen with one of his best performances yet, playing an elderly taxi driver in this dark comedy by Chung Mong-hong. Na Dow is a drug courier who works for gangster Bao. While waiting for the car that is to take him from Taipei to Tainan for a delivery, Na Dow is approached by Xu, who convinces him to take the trip in his battered taxi. And the journey will prove to be anything but straightforward!

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 7.45 PM
    Mori Yoshitaka
    2016, Japan
    Murayama is a scruffy nerd and a genius at shogi, a Japanese variant of chess whose champions are celebrities. Murayama’s unconventional style helps him break into the world of shogi, but Habu, his cold and calculating opponent, is waiting for him. Murayama refuses to give up, though, despite being struck down by illness. The game’s begun, the tension is sky high and any battle can be won with enough determination, so prepare for checkmate.

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 10.10 PM
    Na Hyun
    2017, South Korea
    Have you ever thought about the perfect crime? This original thriller might give you some ideas. During the night, the inmates of a prison escape to commit crimes, returning to their cells without being noticed and without anyone suspecting them. Behind it all is Ik-Ho, the kingpin of prison. But their movements don’t go unnoticed and ex-cop Yoo Gun is sent into the prison undercover to gain the confidence of Ik-Ho and join the gang.

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 00.25 AM
    Chiu Sin-hang, Yan Pak-wing
    2017, Hong Kong
    When young Tim seems to suffer no consequences after being bitten by a vampire, this attracts the attention of a rag-tag group of vampire hunters who enlist his help. The training is no picnic, especially when he falls for a vampire, but the "blood moon" is approaching, bringing with it great danger. A nostalgic comedy with touches of fantasy and melodrama that brings back the "hopping vampires". A must for old-school fans as well as for newcomers to B-movie.