Far East Film Festival 20

Udine Italy April 20th/ April 28th 2018
The Film Festival For Popular Asian Cinema


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  • 10.00/10.35

    MORI Yoshitaka

    MATSUYAMA Kenichi

    NOZOE Ryoko

    Moderator: Mark Schilling


    YAN Pak-wing
    director, Vampire Cleanup Department

    CHIU Sin-hang
    director, Vampire Cleanup Department

    Moderator: Tim YOUNGS

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Sun, April 23

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  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 9.00 AM
    Lee Sung-Tae
    2016, South Korea
    A gang of teen runaways make ends meet by stealing and hustling, but when Jin-il and his girlfriend Ga-young steal the wrong car, they find themselves in the sights of a local boss who forces Ga-young to work in his karaoke bar to repay the debt. A desperate Jin-il will go to any lengths to free her. Violence, drama, love and passion in the derailed lives of these lost angels.

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 10.45 AM
    Ogigami Naoko
    2017, Japan
    11-year-old Tomo’s mother lives by her wits until one day she decides to give up her daughter, leaving Tomo to move in with her uncle Makio. Makio lives with his girlfriend Rinko, a transexual who was born a man and works as a caregiver. At first, Tomo is confused by the situation but before long the threesome become a warm, loving family. A mild and sometimes surreal dramedy on the power of the affections, of family and knitting!

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 1.10 PM
    Neal Wu
    2016, Taiwan
    Guan Ming-lu is a normal high school kid with a crush on pretty Xin-rui. He starts to court her, and there are trips to the countryside, fights with local toughs and even a rival suitor, but in the end the two eventually get together! The end of high school is approaching, though, and they have different ideas about their future: she’s going to university in Taipei but he’s going to school closer to home. A nostalgic story of young love along the lines of the blockbuster You Are the Apple of My Eye.

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 3.10 PM
    Stanley Tong
    2017, China
    Jack, a well-known archaeologist, his team and his beautiful Indian colleague are hunting for an ancient treasure in Tibet when they are suddenly attacked by a group of mercenaries.Making good use of his vast historical knowledge and his mastery of kung fu, Jack sets out on a worldwide race against time to win this treasure hunt and save a ancient civilisation. Fast-paced, adventurous, colourful and funny: the unstoppable Jackie Chan is back again! Old habits die hard, Jackie dies harder!

  • Visionario, Via Asquini 33
    time 3.15 PM
    Hui Ann
    2012, Hong Kong
    Deanie Ip (Volpi Cup winner at Venice 2011) is the maid Ah Tao who takes care of producer Roger Lee, played by Andy Lau, the last descendant of the family she has spent sixty years working for. But destiny is about disturb their quiet routine. For A Simple Life, one of the most acclaimed post-’97 Hong Kong films, Ann Hui took inspiration from a true story to depict a moving role reversal with grace, delicacy and powerful irony

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 5.15 PM
    Um Tae-hwa
    2016, South Korea
    Independent loner Soo-rin moves in with her stepfather on a small island after the death of her mother. Here she encounters a new group of friends and they decide to explore a cave linked to many local legends. Inside, they discover what seems a dinosaur egg, but when Soo-rin goes back home she discovers that her friends have vanished into thin air. A fantasy film celebrating the redemptive power of imagination: the world saved by children.

  • Visionario, Via Asquini 33
    time 5.30 PM
    Soi Cheang
    2009, Hong Kong
    Soi Cheang established himself as one of the most promising talents in post-’97 Hong Kong and Accident, produced by Johnnie To, is one of the key films in his career, an elegant, virtuoso urban noir about an unusual group of assassins who work by organising “accidents” that don’t look like murder. But their perfectionism is destined to create a vortex of paranoia: is someone using the gang’s own methods to pick them off?

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 8.00 PM
    Song Haolin
    2017, China
    Too unconventional to be appreciated by his colleagues or by the parents of his pupils, teacher Mr. Zhu lives between failure and self-determination until one day he is put to the test by two students - one cute and plump, the other tiny and intense - who make headlines when they help an old lady. But is all that glitters gold? An excellent cast and irresistible young actors in a hilarious fresco of Chinese school life.

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 9.45 PM
    Lee Soo-youn
    2017, South Korea
    When a patient under anaesthesia reveals a secret about a murder to his doctor, the doctor finds himself caught up in an unsolved case involving a serial killer. And when the body of a decapitated woman is fished from the Han River, the doctor realizes that he needs to solve the puzzle before the killer realises how much he knows. Hitchcockian suspense makes for an intelligent tense thriller which evokes the dark atmospheres of Seven and The Usual Suspects.

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 00.00 AM
    Kongkiat Khomsiri
    2006, Thailand
    Un ragazzo ha perso la memoria in seguito ad un incidente e quando lascia l'ospedale torna nella villa di campagna della famiglia . Qui incontra non solo una gemella che non ricordava di avere ma una serie di familiari acquisiti impassibili e spaventati dalle stranezze della sorella e dall’angosciante villa ultramoderna in cui vivono. Horror onirico che accentua la stranezza del quotidiano creando un gorgo in cui non vi sono punti a cui aggrapparsi.