Far East Film Festival 20

Udine Italy April 20th/ April 28th 2018
The Film Festival For Popular Asian Cinema


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  • 10.00/10.30

    MIURA Daisuke
    director, The City of Betrayal

    NISHITANI Hiroshi
    director, Hirugao - Love Affairs in the Afternoon -

    OGIGAMI Naoko
    director, Close-Knit

    Moderator: Mark Schilling


    KHOMSIRI Kongkiat
    director, Take Me Home

    HO Yuhang
    director, Mrs. K

    Mattie DO
    director, Dearest Sister

    Moderators: Paolo BERTOLIN, Anchalee CHAIWORAPORN

the films
Tue, April 25

All times and dates are subject to change.
  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 9.00
    2016, South Korea
    Gye Choon-lives in the quiet community of a small island. Her only relative is her niece, but one day at the market, the little girl disappears into thin air. Twelve years later the girl returns, now a teenager and making a living as a petty criminal. The steadfast love of her grandmother will bring peace to the girl’s life. Sublime performances from two great actresses for an emotional tsunami in this touching melodrama.

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 11.05 AM
    Uchida Eiji
    2017, Japan
    While still a little girl, Ai is sent to live with a bizarre sect. When the cult’s leader is arrested, Ai has to re-enter the world and start high school, but it proves to be a tortuous experience and she is torn between her mild guardian angel Ryota and the devilish temptations of the charming Yuji. The story of an unconventional education, a close-to-the-bone comedy and a peek into the dark corners of Japanese society, all permeated with a grim sense of humour.

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 12.50 PM
    Wei Te-sheng
    2017, Taiwan
    Set in Taipei on Valentines day, this collection of love stories is an explosive cocktail of sentimental comedy and musical with a cast of characters who are all happily in love - more or less. With the driving rhythms of a La La Land, 52Hz I Love You triumphs thanks to the emotions it communicates so powerfully through the songs which make up its soundtrack, defining its mood, explaining its characters, telling the story and celebrating love!

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 3.00 PM
    Hur Jin-ho
    2016, South Korea
    Under Japanese colonial rule, Deokhye - the last princess of Korea - was taken captive as a hostage, yet despite the harsh conditions, she always struggled to keep the hopes of her people alive. Jang-Han is a fighter for the independence of his country whose mission is to bring the princess back to South Korea. Sensational performances add lustre to a drama where the passion is as real as the story.

  • Visionario, Via Asquini 33
    time 3.00 PM
    Chow Stephen
    2004, Hong Kong
    Sing, a small-time thief in ‘30s Shanghai, accidentally sparks off a feud between the Deadly Axe Gang and the inhabitants of Pig Sty Alley, most of whom are martial arts masters in disguise. The film that officially brought Stephen Chow to international prominence is an exciting, explosive mix of inspirations, from Bruce Lee and Japanese anime to the Shaw Brothers and Looney Tunes cartoons.

  • Visionario, Via Asquini 33
    time 5.00 PM
    Wong Kar-wai
    2013, Hong Kong
    Wong Kar-wai’s version of the life story of martial arts master Ip Man is a grand epic on the philosophies, traditions and legends that make up the world of martial arts. Making use of two exceptional protagonists and the precise, elegant choreography of Yuen Woo-ping, Wong manages to humanize Ip without indulging in heroic mythologising: to become the grandmaster, you don’t have to defeat your opponents – you have to be the last man standing.

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 5.20 PM
    Yamashita Nobuhiro
    2016, Japan
    If you had to write an essay about one of your relatives, who would you choose? Yukio chooses the least suitable possible: his uncle, a parasitic layabout whom Eri, a Japanese girl from Hawaii, unexpectedly falls in love with. With nephew in tow, uncle sets off for the island, and all hell breaks loose. Luckily, Yukio is there to take care of him. Director Yamashita shows his talent for madcap comedy with a good-for-nothing protagonist who is addicted to uncomplicated pleasures. And who can blame him?

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 7.30 PM
    Feng Xiaogang
    2016, China
    Li Xuelian and her husband fake a divorce to get an apartment in the city, but once they have succeeded, her husband abandons her. After attempting to find a peaceful solution, Li Xuelian contemplates crime but both approaches lead nowhere. Thus begins an endless struggle against the behemoth of Chinese bureaucracy. Will Li Xuelian manage to win out? A visually refined satirical masterpiece by Feng Xiaogang. A new high point for Chinese cinema.

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 10.00 PM
    Erik Matti
    2016, Philippines
    Matti’s big score! Four novices go on a spiritual retreat while a priest investigates the miracles performed by little Anghela - if they are found to be true, she will be canonized as a living saint. Anghela is transferred to the same building as the novices, who are tormented by demonic hallucinations, and suspicion that Anghela’s powers may be evil starts to mount. A theological horror film which looks into the unconscious of belief and which is as ambiguous and disturbing as its impressive protagonist.