Far East Film Festival 20

Udine Italy April 20th/ April 28th 2018
The Film Festival For Popular Asian Cinema


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  • 14.30/15.15

    YAMASHITA Nobuhiro
    director, My Uncle, Over the Fence, Ramblers

    MATSUDA Ryuhei
    actor, My Uncle

    SUTOU Yasushi
    producer, My Uncle

    KOBAYASI Syoutarou
    director, Hamon: Yakuza Boogie

    Moderator: Mark Schilling


    PARK Kwang-hyun
    director, Fabricated City

    KIM Tae-yun
    director, New Trial

    CHO Ui-seok
    director, Master

    Moderator: Darcy PAQUET


    Moderators: Davide CAZZARO, Darcy PAQUET

the films
Thu, April 27

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  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 9.00 AM
    Banjong Pisanthanakun
    2016, Thailand
    Dev, un nerd che si occupa di informatica in una grande azienda si innamora della collega Nui. Durante una gita aziendale a Hokkaido, Nui decide di suicidarsi per amore. I soccorritori la salvano ma soffrirà di amnesia per una giornata. Dev si finge il suo ragazzo, tanto sa che il giorno dopo tutto tornerà come prima e lui avrà goduto di un giorno di felicità accanto a lei. Che il vero amore non esista più ma sopravviva soltanto nelle bugie e nel ricordo?

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 11.25 AM
    Han Han
    2017, China
    An accident hurls Xu Tailang back to 1998 where he encounters his father, still single and a small-time neighbourhood kingpin. Tailang realises that the time paradox has given him the chance to meet the mother who died soon after he was born, but when his father gets engaged to another woman, Xu Tailang is forced to take action. Tipping his hat to Back to the Future, director Han Han has fun playing with time and with the film’s idiosyncratic, funny characters.

  • Visionario, Via Asquini 33
    time 11.30 AM
    Lino Brocka
    1982, Philippines
    Doña Pina, owner of a hacienda, favours her younger son Ellis over his older brother Lorenzo, and when she entrusts the farm to Ellis, Lorenzo’s wife confronts her. During the ensuing argument, the younger woman has a miscarriage which kills her. Ellis’s girlfriend dies after being raped in retaliation by Lorenzo’s friends, and the conflict between the two brothers will only be resolved with blood. A powerful social and moral melodrama set in Marcos Philippines.

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 1.20 PM
    Han Sunhee
    2016, South Korea
    Quintessenza del talento di Park Chan-wook e premiato a Cannes dal re del pulp Quentin Tarantino, Oldboy, secondo capitolo della trilogia della vendetta, è probabilmente l'opera che ha imposto all'attenzione mondiale il nuovo cinema coreano. A tredici anni dalla sua uscita, Old Days (documentario nato come extra per un'edizione speciale del Blu-ray e diventato un'opera a se stante vista la mole di materiali a disposizione) ne racconta la realizzazione.

  • Visionario, Via Asquini 33
    time 1.15 PM
    Um Tae-hwa
    2016, South Korea
    Independent loner Soo-rin moves in with her stepfather on a small island after the death of her mother. Here she encounters a new group of friends and they decide to explore a cave linked to many local legends. Inside, they discover what seems a dinosaur egg, but when Soo-rin goes back home she discovers that her friends have vanished into thin air. A fantasy film celebrating the redemptive power of imagination: the world saved by children.

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 3.25 PM
    Pairach Khumwan
    2017, Thailand
    Siam Square, a meeting place for Bangkok teenagers, becomes home to horror as a group of students investigate their school after discovering the terrifying apparition that haunts the institute corridors. A tense horror film with a complex plot, tight editing and an eerie atmosphere which gradually reveals a potent, sincere portrait of adolescence and its dark side.

  • Visionario, Via Asquini 33
    time 4.00 PM
    Song Haolin
    2017, China
    Too unconventional to be appreciated by his colleagues or by the parents of his pupils, teacher Mr. Zhu lives between failure and self-determination until one day he is put to the test by two students - one cute and plump, the other tiny and intense - who make headlines when they help an old lady. But is all that glitters gold? An excellent cast and irresistible young actors in a hilarious fresco of Chinese school life.

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 5.30 PM
    Liu Yulin
    2016, China
    In a society where we are all connected it communication still really possible? Aiguo and Lina are a young couple who are about to get married, and communication seems to be at the heart of their relationship, but ten years later, things have changed - the two no longer communicate at all. Even the couples around them seem doomed to the same fate in this landscape of mutual incomprehension, misunderstanding, insuperable existential egotisms and acts of petty meanness.

  • Visionario, Via Asquini 33
    time 5.30 PM
    Na Hyun
    2017, South Korea
    Have you ever thought about the perfect crime? This original thriller might give you some ideas. During the night, the inmates of a prison escape to commit crimes, returning to their cells without being noticed and without anyone suspecting them. Behind it all is Ik-Ho, the kingpin of prison. But their movements don’t go unnoticed and ex-cop Yoo Gun is sent into the prison undercover to gain the confidence of Ik-Ho and join the gang.

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 7.50 PM
    Wong Chun
    2016, Hong Kong
    Tung (Shawn Yue), who suffers from a bipolar syndrome, was hospitalised after attacking the mother who had abused him psychologically. Now he lives in a tiny apartment with his father (Eric Tsang), the only one who remains close to him after Tung has alienated everybody else by refusing to take his medication. Tung is on the point of disappearing back into nothingness. Humanity and realism in an intimate, moving film featuring an extraordinary performance from Eric Tsang.

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 9.50 PM
    Giddens Ko
    2017, Taiwan
    Shu-wei is an unpopular student who is a constant target for the school bullies, but he ends up joining forces with them when they encounter two demonic sisters who feast on human flesh in the middle of the night. The gang manage to capture one, but the other demon is angry and starts killing anyone wearing a school uniform... A mixture of bullying drama, black comedy and violent horror film, bursting at the seams with hilarity as well as ominous gloom

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 00.00 AM
    Lim Dae-woong
    2017, South Korea
    After 25 years in prison for killing her husband and son, Mi-hee returns to the house where it all happened. Convinced of her innocence, the woman relives the tragic events of that night with the help of a young priest who wants to comfort her. But the priest discovers a dark secret in the house while Mi-hee senses the same dark presences as she did 25 years earlier. Is history is repeating itself? A labyrinthine horror movie where nothing is as it seems