Far East Film Festival 20

Udine Italy April 20th/ April 28th 2018
The Film Festival For Popular Asian Cinema


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  • 10.00/10.45

    Jun Robles LANA
    director, Die Beautiful

    Percival INTALAN
    producer, Die Beautiful

    Liza DINO
    chairman of FDC

    Moderator: Max TESSIER


    Herman YAU
    director, Shock Wave, Sleep Curse

    Erica LI
    screenwriter, Shock Wave

    Roy SZETO
    director, Shed Skin Papa

    Derek TSANG
    director, Soul Mate; actor, Love Off The Cuff

    Fresh Wave Directors

    Moderator: Tim YOUNGS

the films
Sat, April 29

All times and dates are subject to change.
  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 9.00 AM
    Thanh Van Ngo
    2016, Vietnam
    Like Cinderella, Tam is tormented by her stepmother and stepsister and even her Prince Charming has his own problems. His father is on his deathbed and he faces a complex situation with the neighbouring kingdom. To make things worse, the sovereign’s adviser has a terrifying double identity and is plotting in the shadows. A fantasy film that blends Cinderella with martial arts, genies and monsters into a kaleidoscope of genres blended with skill and consistency. Full-on phantasmagoria!

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 11.05 AM
    Jason Kwan
    2017, Hong Kong
    After being released from hospital after a surfing accident, Sean meets a girl at a party and falls in love. She draws him into her strange world and confesses that she follows an unusual diet: she only eats... nail clippers! Sean loses his head and decides to help her realize her dream of opening a bar for other nail-clipper eaters. Jason Kwan makes his debut with this bizarre romantic comedy, created under the aegis of Pang Ho-cheung.

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 1.00 PM
    Baby Ruth Villarama
    2016, Philippines
    For the Filipino women working in Hong Kong, Sunday is their only day off and the day when hang out, celebrate birthdays and even organize beauty contests. One Sunday evening Rudelie gets back late to the house of the family she works for and is fired for violating the curfew. Rudelie’s unlucky evening provides a glimpse of the hard life of Filipino migrant workers, broken only by momentary flashes of fun and play.

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 3.00 PM
    Roy Szeto
    2016, Hong Kong
    Nothing goes right for Tian Lik Hang. His wife wants a divorce, his company is bankrupt and his mother has died, leaving him to take care of his father. The old man begins to lose a layer of skin every day, growing a decade younger each time, util the two are finally the same age and Lik Hang rediscovers a father who struggled to provide his family with a better life. A surreal dramedy packed with satirical inspiration that will have you reconsidering the power of skin scrubs!

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 5.00 PM
    Cho Ui-seok
    2016, South Korea
    An anti-crime investigation team is investigating the Won Network company which is involved in a massive fraud case. The intelligent, charismatic, aggressive, bold Kim Jae-Myung is the leader of the task force, and his antagonist is the president of Won Network. Who will win, David or Goliath? An action thriller set in the corrupt world of finance and big business with an ending which will leave you breathless.

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 8.00 PM
    Herman Yau
    2017, Hong Kong
    Explosives expert Hung unleashes his criminal madness on Hong Kong. His target? The busy Cross-Harbor Tunnel. Only one man can save the day – bomb disposal expert Cheung, who’s had a score to settle with the crime boss since he went undercover years earlier. Hung’s terms: free his brother or the whole place goes sky high. Andy Lau and Herman Yau blow up the screen with a thriller in pure Hong Kong action style. Electrifying explosive madness!

  • Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
    time 10.10
    Kim Sung-hoon
    2017, South Korea
    Can a South Korean policeman and a North Korean soldier work together and end up becoming buddies? What, don’t you remember Red Heat? If that’s what it takes to capture a dangerous criminal who has stolen the plates to print counterfeit banknotes then of course they can. And if we throw in a vendetta, redemption, the secret services and an infatuated sister-in-law, you get a fun buddy cop movie packed with thrilling action sequences.