Far East Film Festival 20

Udine Italy April 20th/ April 28th 2018
The Film Festival For Popular Asian Cinema

Focus Asia

April 25/26/27 2018 – UDINE

The principal aim of the Far East Film Festival has always been that of reducing the cultural distance between the East and the West by showcasing the films which are popular in Asia: the films people are actually going to see at the cinema - the blockbusters and genre films that rarely used to reach Western audiences except through pirated copies or in other unorthodox ways.

Over the past 20 years, many of the channels which provide access to films (free TV, pay TV, VOD, streaming and home video) have begun devoting varying amounts of space to the greatest Asian filmmakers.

And most of the titles which have reached Western audiences have passed through the Far East Film Festival.

The birth of Asia Focus has been, therefore, a natural development of the festival: a film market dedicated to all genres films which are principally Asian but with close links to their Italian and European peers. Away from the hustle and bustle of major festivals (like Cannes and Berlin) in an environment and a city that encourage participants to meet and exchange ideas.

The Call for Projects 2018 is available at the following link.