The official image of #FEFF20

East and West are two twins in the official image of #FEFF20

10+10. A sum. A sum of chapters, experiences, journeys, but also (above all?) a sum of distances, both geographical and cultural, that maths has merged together. East and West. Europe and Asia. Udine and the world. These asymmetries are more harmonious than they seem. Not exactly identical twins, but twins nonetheless.

And here are the two twins, the two symbols of resemblance/difference that graphic designer Roberto Rosolin has adopted to create the official image of Far East Film Festival 20. Two half-naked bodies on a white background, telling an unembellished story of people and passion. A meeting place. A sum.

As already announced, goddess Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia will be responsible for symbolically cutting the ribbon, officially opening the 20th edition, and Udine will once again, for 9 days, be transformed into the European epicentre of Asian cinema. 9 days of films and cultural events, from 20th to 28th April, to continue to discover and to add up people and passion.

FEFF has always been, first and foremost, a big celebration of cinema that has never stopped shipping into Friulian land real-life legends (such as Jackie Chan and Joe Hisaishi), cult filmmakers (such as Johnnie To and Takashi Miike), film stars, professionals and key players of the film industry, and last but not least the devoted FEFF tribe: the incredible audience that has increasingly spread the Far East Film Festival’s name across the world. Long before the world was accessible through social media.

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