Friday the 28th of April

From cult movie Branded To Kill to Filipino transgender comedy Die Beautiful: 11 films + 4 shorts!

Among the highlights of the penultimate day is The Sleep Curse: the return to splatter of the award-winning firm Herman Yau-Anthony Wong!

Expect the unexpected isn't just the title of a (wonderful) old Hong Kong detective movie by Patrick Yau: it's the chemical formula which captures the essence of absolutely all of Asian cinema. There are places - like the ones we find in fairy tales or in dreams - where anything can happen, and Asian cinema is undoubtedly one of them. The fans know it and so does the FEFF, which for the penultimate day of its nineteenth edition has put together 11 films and 4 shorts (bearing the Fresh Wave name).
Unexpected is definitely the word for Branded to Kill, now 50 years old, which will be appearing at Udine in Criterion's splendid restored version. An affectionate homage to maestro Suzuki Seijun, made even more precious by the presentation of the new box dedicated to it by CG Entertainment and the book Time and Place are Nonsense (by Tom Vick). Venerated by Quentin Tarantino, who continues to cite it as a source of inspiration, Branded to Kill is without doubt one of Nikkatsu's biggest cult films. A yakuza movie which is also adored by Jim Jarmusch and universally recognised as a masterpiece of the absurd!
Unexpected is also the perfect description for Die Beautiful by Jun Robles Lana, presented together with FVG Pride: an irresistible, chaotic, multicoloured Filipino transgender comedy that is destined to become a legend! It is the story of Trisha (Paolo Ballesteros) a beauty queen who dies during her coronation ceremony. Her last wish is for an unforgettable wake, and so her friends steal her corpse away from her conservative father and leave it on display for ten days, as per Filipino tradition, using makeup to transform it each night into a different celebrity, from Madonna to Shakira!
And unexpected is the right word for The Sleep Curse by Herman Yau, another old friend of the Festival, who, to the delight of his most fervent fans, returns to his first (great) love: splatter. Or, to be more precise, gore. If you think you're ready for anything, prepare yourselves to see the glorious duo from Untold Story (1993) and Ebola Syndrome (1996) back in action: yes, the legendary Herman has brought the equally legendary Anthony Wong back to the screen! Not recommended for the easily-shocked, this extreme film rewrites the rules of the genre - in blood.  


Soul On A String
by Zhang Yang
(China, 2016)
A trippy western whose breathtaking locations, esotericism and Tibetan traditions will hypnotise viewers.

FEFF Talks
In the spotlight from 14.30 to 15.15, superstar Eric Tsang (Golden Mulberry for Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017) and the wonders of Hong Kong cinema (with guests including Marco Muller and Roger Garcia). Next, from 15.30 to 16.15, we move to Taiwan.

Branded To Kill
by Suzuki Seijun
(Japan, 1967)
A butterfly settles in the crosshairs of the killer Hanada - a butterfly just like those collected by Misako, the woman who commissioned the hit that he fails to carry out. Was it the insect that caused him to botch the job or was it his love for her? But the rules are clear: failure means death. From bad boy director Suzuki Seijun, a Dadaist, experimental noir which created a whole new aesthetic and a masterpiece of the absurd that counts among its fans directors like Jarmusch and Tarantino.

Fresh Wave is an independent no-profit organisation. Headed by its founder Johnnie To, it funds short films by young directors which are then shown at the festival of the same name.

Ore 15.00
Teiichi – Battle Of Supreme High
by Nagai Akira
(Japan, 2017)
A ferocious satire of politics, a corrosive black comedy and a dark school story: from a famous manga comes a caustic movie that screams 'cult'!

Soul Mate
by Derek Tsang
(Hong Kong, 2016)
A touching story of female friendship adapted from a Chinese web-novel.

Die Beautiful - Presented together with FVG Pride
by Jun Robles Lana
(Philippines, 2016)
Transgender Trisha dies during a beauty contest, and her last wish is to appear every night of her wake as a different celebrity. But her father wants to bury her as "his son", so Trisha's friends steal her body and organize the wake themselves, recalling her extraordinary life as a child, sister, mother, friend, lover and wife. A sparkling jigsaw built delicately around the most heart-warming as well as the darker aspects of Trisha's life.

Hide And Seek
by Liu Jie
(China, 2016)
Always take care that the skeletons in your cupboards... don't decide to come out!

The Sleep Curse
by Herman Yau
(Hong Kong, 2017)
The roots of evil go deeper than we might imagine. The duo who made Untold Story return for a film which rewrites the rules of the genre in blood. Not for the weak of stomach!


Ore 13.45
by Jimmy Henderson
(Cambodia, 2017)

Ore 15.30
by Eric Matti
(Philippines, 2016)

Ore 18.00
The Road
by Zhang Zanbo
(China, 2015)

Ore 20.00
Knife In The Clear Water
di Wang Xuebo
(China, 2016)

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