Far East Film Festival 20

Udine Italy April 20th/ April 28th 2018
The Film Festival For Popular Asian Cinema

Accredito 2017


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Tutte le star e i panel

Le star presenti a Udine incontrano il pubblico ogni giorno in Teatro: qui il calendario completo degli incontri.

Jimmy HENDERSON, director, Jailbreak
Jean-Paul LY, actor, Jailbreak
Tharoth SAM, actress, Jailbreak
Loy TE, producer, Jailbreak

FENG Xiaogang, director, I Am Not Madame Bovary
*Golden Mulberry Award for Lifetime Achievement Award

James WANG, Vice Chairman & CEO, Huayi Brothers Media Corporation, I Am Not Madame Bovary
SONG Haolin, director, Mr. Zhu’s Summer
DENG Sheng, producer, Mr. Zhu’s Summer
LIU Yulin, director, Someone to Talk to

Eric TSANG, actor, Mad World, Infernal Affairs, Kung Fu Yoga, Vampire Cleanup Department  
*Golden Mulberry Award for Lifetime Achievement Award

Fruit CHAN, director, Made in Hong Kong
Doris YANG, producer, Made in Hong Kong
Roy SZETO, director, Shed Skin Papa
MAK Kai-kwong, executive director, Shed Skin Papa
Herman YAU, director, Shock Wave, The Sleep Curse
Erica LI, screenwriter Shock Wave, The Sleep Curse
Derek TSANG, director, Soul Mate; actor, Love Off the Cuff
YAN Pak-wing, director, Vampire Cleanup Department
CHIU Sin-hang, director, Vampire Cleanup Department

Ashley CHEUNG Yin-kei, director, Fresh Wave, Life on the Line
LAM Chi-yu, director, Fresh Wave, First of May
REN Xia, director, Fresh Wave, Even Ants Strive for Survival
Feibi WONG Fong-yi, director, Fresh Wave : Speak Low

OGIGAMI Naoko, director, Close-Knit
AKAISHI Mayumi, producer, Close-Knit
KOBATA Kumi, producer, Close-Knit
KOBAYASI Syoutarou, director, Hamon: Yakuza Boogie
NISHITANI Hiroshi, director, Hirugao - Love Affairs in the Afternoon -
SAITOH Takumi, actor, Hirugao - Love Affairs in the Afternoon -
UETO Aya, actress, Hirugao - Love Affairs in the Afternoon –
UCHIDA Eiji, director, Love and Other Cults
Adam TOREL, producer, Love and Other Cults
Anthony, actor, Love and Other Cults
ITO Sairi, actress, Love and Other Cults
YAMASHITA Nobuhiro, director, My Uncle, Over the Fence, Ramblers
MATSUDA Ryuhei, actor, My Uncle
SUTOU Yasushi, producer, My Uncle
MORI Yoshitaka, director, Satoshi: A Move for Tomorrow
MATSUYAMA Kenichi, actor, Satoshi: A Move for Tomorrow
NOZOE Ryoko, producer, Satoshi: A Move for Tomorrow
USUI Hirotsugu, producer, Survival Family, Hirugao - Love Affairs in the Afternoon -, TEIICHI - Battle of Supreme High -
MIURA Daisuke, director, The City of Betrayal
TSUJIMURA Kazuya, producer, The City of Betrayal

Mattie DO, director, Dearest Sister  

HO Yuhang, director, Mrs. K

Jun Robles LANA, director, Die Beautiful
Perci INTALAN, producer Die Beautiful

LEE Soo-youn, director, Bluebeard
PARK Kwang-hyun, director, Fabricated City
CHO Ui-seok, director, Master
KIM Tae-yun, director, New Trial
PARK Daniel, producer, New Trial
YOON Ki-ho, producer, New Trial
CHOI Kook-hee, director, Split
NA Hyun, director, The Prison
UM Tae-hwa, director, Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned
JO Seul-yeah, screenwriter, Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned

Neal WU, director, At Café 6
WEI Te-sheng, director, 52Hz, I Love You
Jimmy HUANG, producer, 52Hz, I Love You
Giddens KO, director, Mon Mon Mon Monsters
Eugenie LIU, actress, Mon Mon Mon Monsters
Angie CHAI, producer, Mon Mon Mon Monsters

KHOMSIRI Kongkiat, director, Take Me Home