The Shoot Must Go On

SUKITA – The Shoot Must Go On, from director Aihara Hiro, chronicles the work of Sukita Masayoshi, the Japanese photographer who captured 40 years of rock icon David Bowie’s life and career through images, including the iconic shot that adorns the cover of Bowie’s 1977 album Heroes.

Sukita, who the director follows around the world, at a New York gallery opening of his work, to a photo shoot with current rockstar and actor Miyavi, captures personal interviews, as well as a treasure trove of anecdotes and photos that capture the Japanese photographer and his androgynous muse’s decades-spanning creative partnership. The project also offers a glimpse of Bowie’s lifelong devotion to his closest creative collaborators. The documentary is not all about Bowie though – Other moments in rock, glam and punk history, such as Sukita’s work with Iggy Pop and Marc Bolan’s T. Rex are also featured.

As the music industry changes, SUKITA – The Shoot Must Go On is very much a testament of a bygone era, when art, photography and rock n’roll were simpatico in how listeners consumed music in the analogue of print and packaging. It is also a look at a photographer, who from humble beginnings, found his muse and formed a special relationship that became a record of rock n’roll history.

Aihara Hiro

Aihara Hiro (b. 1960) produced music videos for Japanese musicians like Southern All Stars, Kuwata Keisuke, ARB, Cocco and so on. He was involved in the production of feature films as Green Mind, Metal Bats (2006) by Kumakiri Kazuyoshi and Akai Bunka Jutaku no Hatsuko (2007) by Tanada Yuki. In 2010 he founded Connects LLC. SUKITA: The Shoot Must Go On is his first feature as documentary director.
Anderson Le
Film director: AIHARA Hiro
Year: 2018
Running time: 115'
Country: Japan
25/04 - 9.00 AM
25-04-2018 9:00 25-04-2018 10:55Europe/Rome SUKITA:
The Shoot Must Go On
Far East Film Festival Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da UdineCEC Udine