Korea rebels: at FEFF 20, the eagerly-awaited 1987: When the Day Comes!
Ryoo Seung-wan and Hwang Jung-min: two giants of Korean cinema in Udine!
BRIGITTE LIN CHING HSIA: a queen on the stage of FEFF 20!
Saturday, April 21, iconic diva Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia will be accompanying iconic film Hong Kong Express (Chungking Express) to Udine to receive her Golden Mulberry Lifetime Achievement Award.
At 22.40, time for the second film of the evening: Malaysian thriller Crossroads: One Two Jaga (world premiere).
The most badass over-60s in the Philippines are on their way to Udine!
On the big screen of FEFF 20 on Saturday the 28th of April, CHEDENG AND APPLE, a surprising and irresistible black comedy that's destined to become a cult classic!
The dog of Little Forest (whose European premier is at FEFF 20 on the 25th of April) has become a real-life celebrity in South Korea! 
In Udine on Wednesday the 25th of April, the eagerly-awaited explosive International Festival Premiere of Operation Red Sea.
The future takes the stage at the FEFF:
A lineup of 81 films. 21 of the 55 titles in competition this year are first or second films: a genuine incubator of new directors and new writers!
The daily schedule is available.
The coolest couple in Asian cinema on the red carpet in Udine! She'll be presenting her autobiographical comedy The Running Actress while he'll be presenting 1987: When the Day Comes, the blockbuster that blew up at the Korean box office.
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