260 pages that tell the story of an incredible challenge. 260 pages that tell the story of an amazing journey. 260 pages that tell the story of a mind-blowing digital adventure: the digital adventure that was the FAR EAST FILM FESTIVAL 22!
Mercoledì 5 e giovedì 6 agosto il cuore di Udine si tinge d’Oriente: yoga, musica, film, laboratori e… un picnic!
10,000 votes and 3,000 pass-holders from 45 countries: here are all the numbers of the digital edition.
BETTER DAYS: a powerful film for the Closing Night of FEFF 22! 
Italian director Antonio Tibaldi's project wins the new Far East in Progress section!
His We Are Living Things is a China/US/Italy co-production.
A delicate love story that shares its romantic themes with Romance Doll. Today's lineup also includes disaster action comedy Exit, horror movie Soul and the Watanabes' Party ‘Round the Globe.