The Name

Toda Akihiro 

Born in 1983 in Nara Prefecture, Toda Akihiro graduated with a degree in theater arts from Kindai University. While at Kindai he studied the methods of French actor, mime and acting instructor Jacques Lecoq. He learned filmmaking on his own and won prizes for his short films. Toda has also worked as a writer, stage director and performance instructor. In 2014 he made his feature debut with the offbeat family drama Tangerines on Cat and followed up the same year with Yokotawaru Kanojo, a drama about two sisters who live together, but quarrel after one finds a boyfriend. He also contributed a segment to the 2017 horror omnibus Kuruibana.


2008 – Hana no Fukuro
2010 – Yuugure
2014 – Tangerines on Cat
2014 – Yokotawaru Kanojo 
2017 – Kuruibana (the segment Waltz) 
2018 – The Name
Mark Schilling
Film Director: TODA Akihiro
Year: 2018
Running time: 114'
Country: Japan