A brilliant multi-instrumentalist capable of ranging from dream pop to ambient jazz and walking the boundary between East and West, and a brilliant, award-winning director whose collection of masterpieces has already left an indelible mark on the cinema of the last decade (and not just in Asia). We are talking, obviously, about Ishibashi Eiko and Hamaguchi Ryusuke - a partnership as fertile as it is magical. An all-Japanese operation that will be bringing Eiko to the Far East Film Festival 26 on Sunday 28 April with GIFT, the splendid project from which Evil Does Not Exist (Silver Lion winner at the last Venice festival) sprang. Pre-sales are already active:

Eiko's show won't be just a performance in the middle of a film festival: it will be a genuine cinema concert - a unique and unmissable live event where musical architectures dance delicately over images and images dance delicately over musical architectures. In fact, while she'll be at the corner of the stage with her electronic gear, sequences from GIFT - the silent film that Hamaguchi wrote and directed for Eiko (because the initial idea involved a series of visuals) - will be showing on the big screen of the Teatro Nuovo "Giovanni di Udine" theatre. And Eiko will be performing it live, for the joy of all Fareasters!


Born in 1974, singer, singer-songwriter and soundtrack composer (including the soundtrack of Drive My Car, the film which won Hamaguchi the 2021 Oscar) Ishibashi Eiko has spent years tirelessly exploring every kind of musical nuance. Over that time she has collaborated with leading figures in experimental music such as Haino Keiji, Charlemagne Palestine, Merzbow, Giovanni Di Domenico, Oren Ambarchi and Jim O’Rourke, and has recorded for iconic alternative rock labels such as Drag City as well as for Editions Mego and Black Truffle, who specialise in projects where psychedelia, noise and contemporary music converge.


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Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine

Sunday 28 April - 7:00 PM
Eiko Ishibashi concert - single tickets

Main Floor
Full-Price Ticket € 30.00 
Commission Ticket (Under 26 / Over 65 / People with disability) € 25.00
Badge-holder Discounted Ticket € 20.00 

1st and 2nd Gallery
Full-Price Ticket  € 25.00 
Commission Ticket (Under 26 / Over 65 / People with disability)  € 20.00 
Badge-holder Discounted Ticket  € 15.00 

3rd Gallery 
Full-Price Ticket  € 20.00 
Commission  Ticket (Under 26 / Over 65 / People with disability)  € 15.00 
Badge-holder Discounted Ticket   € 10.00

Country: Japan
28/04 - 7:00 PM
Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
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