Miss Granny

Feliza (Fely) Malabaño is a grumpy old lady, who works in an eatery. Despite her nature, she is worshipped by Bert, a fellow worker who used to serve her family. Fely lives with her son Ramoncito, and his family. She loves her son and grandchildren, but she tends to be overly harsh with her daughter in law, Angie. One day, Angie collapses due to stress, and the doctors suggest that Fely shoud be banned from the household. Fely, upset with the situation, leaves the house to meet her grandson Jeboy. On her way, she spots a photo studio, “Forever Youn,” and decides to have her picture taken. When she gets out of the studio, she soon finds out by chance that she is back to her 20 years old self.

As she cannot go back home, she changes her name to Odrey de Leon (as a homage to Audrey Hepburn…), and stays temporarily with Bert, who doesn’t know she is Fely. She then rediscovers her talent for singing, and becomes the lead vocalist of Jeboy’s band. A music producer, Lorenz, hears them sing, and offers them a chance to become stars on a TV channel. Odrey’s talent and charm win both Lorenz and Jeboy over. Meanwhile, Bert has become suspicious of Odrey…

The latest remake by Joyce Bernal of the original Korean movie Miss Granny (2014), is one of the most enjoyable of the list. It is only surprising that this Filipino version comes in 2018, after at least six other remakes, from different Asian countries: Once Again (China, 2015), one of the best (and most successful at the BO, with 59 M$ profit); Sweet Twenty (Vietnam, 2015); Sing My Life (aka Suspicious Girl, Japan, 2016); Suddenly Twenty (Thailand, 2016); and again Sweet Twenty (Indonesia, 2017). Also remade as an Indian version in Telugu (2018), and without counting a project of a super remake in Hollywood!

This version, directed by famed mainstream director Joyce Bernal, shows again her full talent and craft in adapting the entertaining tale to Pinoy taste. Based on a clever script by Jinky Laurel, Miss Granny greatly relies on the energetic performance of the main star Sarah Geronimo, who, as Audrey (of course the same homage to THE Audrey Hepburn), sings and dances with full energy and conviction. There are a number of scenes where Sarah steals the show, along with charming, albeit less convincing, matinee idols James Reid (Jeboy) and Xiam Lim (Lorenz). As Filipino critic Oggs Cruz puts it: “Clearly, Bernal’s remake is more a spotlight as to what kind of artist Sarah Geronimo has become. Here, she is simply magnetic, capable of turning the most uninspired of scenes tolerable by just her presence.” Also, accomplished actress Nova Villa is delectable in the role of Fely Malabano, the old widow to be turned from a frog to a princess, as in all good fairy tales…

So, let’s just enjoy this very pleasant version, which from time to time, reminds us of the vintage Hollywood musicals. The show must go on!
Max Tessier
Film director: Joyce BERNAL
Year: 2018
Running time: 114'
Country: Philippines


  • Joyce BERNAL, director
02/05 - 5.00 PM
02-05-2019 17.00 02-05-2019 19.35Europe/Rome Miss Granny Far East Film Festival Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da UdineCEC Udine cec@cecudine.org