My Name Ain't Suzie

Hungry for fun, American soldiers crowd the bars of late-’50s Hong Kong. Staffed with handpicked young girls from the countryside, the Lucky Bar is the most popular of them all, and Shui Mei is the smartest and keenest of the apprentices working there. She soon catches the eye of Jimmy, who every evening wanders from table to table, showing his father’s photo and asking for news about him. 
Film director: Angie CHEN
Year: 1985
Running time: 97'
Country: Hong Kong


  • Angie CHEN, director
30/04 - 4.50 PM
30-04-2019 16.50 30-04-2019 18.40Europe/Rome My Name Ain't Suzie Far East Film Festival Cinema Centrale, Via Poscolle 8CEC Udine