Festival & Cinema Card

Discover the new Festival&Cinema Card, a yearly fidelity card reserved to badge-holders and loyal visitors of the following festivals: èStoria Film Festival (Gorizia), Far East Film Festival (Udine), Festival I Mille Occhi (Trieste), Sergio Amidei Award (Gorizia), Le Giornate del Cinema Muto (Pordenone), Le Giornate della Luce (Spilimbergo), Piccolo Festival dell'Animazione, Festival del Cinema Ibero - Latino Americano (Trieste), ShorTS International Film Festival (Trieste), Trieste Science+Fiction Festival (Trieste), Le Voci dell'Inchiesta (Pordenone). 
The Trieste Film Festival - which opens on 21st January - is the official launching pad for the card, which will be printed and delivered free of charge to those who register, offering a 10% discount on accreditations and gadgets at the above-mentioned regional festivals. For festivals with free admittance, it will allow priority access to events with closed numbers and/or by reservation, as well as discounts on gadgets.
The Festival&Cinema Card also has a symbolic value: with this initiative, the main regional Film Institutions wish to strengthen the idea of a common path aimed at promoting the event of Gorizia and Nova Gorica European Capital of Culture 2025, a commitment that concerns not just the two leading cities but the entire Region.
Last but not least, regional cinemas connected to the Film Institutions that organise the above festivals, such as Ariston (Trieste), Visionario (Udine), Sociale di Gemona del Friuli (Udine), Cinemazero (Pordenone), Kinemax (Gorizia and Monfalcone), will offer to all card-holders reduced tickets or discounts usually applied to members of the associations that manage their respective movie theatres. The Card will entitle holders to discounts in regional cinemas based on their province of residence. For example, spectators living outside the province of Udine will receive a discount at Udine's Visionario. This will encourage mobility and the enjoyment of cinema across regional borders.