All about Anthony

Hong Kong superstar Anthony Wong, the FEFF 21 special guest, to receive the Golden Mulberry for Outstanding Achievement Award!
We will see both his film debut and the most recent Still Human, multi-nominated for the HK Film Awards.

He featured some absolute masterpieces, such as Johnnie To’s The Mission, as well as some brilliant cult movies, such as Infernal Affairs by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak. He’s been a hit man, a policeman, a romance hero and a serial killer. He played every role and mastered every genre, from crimes and comedies, to fantasy and splatter movies. His filmography is basically endless. And if Hong Kong cinema had a face, it would most certainly be his…

Anthony Wong is the special guest of the 21st edition of the Far East Film Festival! After his first appearance in 1999 (FEFF 1!), when he presented Beast Cops by Gordon Chan and Dante Lam, he will return to Udine to receive the Golden Mulberry for Outstanding Achievement Award, and walk down the hall of fame alongside some other major Asian stars such as Jackie Chan, Joe Hisaishi, Feng Xiaogang and Brigitte Lin.

We’ll have the incredible opportunity to see up close (once again) Mr. Wong, while applauding him in two films that symbolically represent his career: Angie Chan’s My Name Ain’t Suzie, Wong’s debut film in 1985, and the most recent Still Human by Oliver Siu Kuen Chan, nominated for multiple awards at the upcoming Hong Kong Film Awards. FEFF 1 and FEFF 21 - the past and the present. These two films could not be any more different, one being the ‘Chinese answer’ to The World of Suzie Wong, the sentimental drama featuring William Holden, the other offering a beautiful and moving visual journal of the story of a man and his maid. These two movies represent two milestones not only for Mr. Wong - an extraordinary man, a star and a legend – but also for a whole generation of viewers, with their everlasting love for Asian culture and the Far East Film Festival.