Dante Lam: pure action!

If there's one colour that's never missing from the big screen of the Far East Film Festival - and which never will be - it's the fiery red of action movies. And wherever there's action, there's bound to be the wonderful Dante Lam! Dante's artistic vision is actually a complex and nuanced one, as the FEFF has repeatedly proven over the years (for example in the dramatic story of Unbeatable or the pitch black shadows of That Demon Within), but in 2018 it will once again blaze red. Ladies and gentlemen, for your delight: Operation Red Sea!

Dante's latest explosive effort is a Hong Kong/China superproduction (with the most blockbuster-like budget the director has so far had to play with!) and will be presented at FEFF 20 as an International Festival Premiere on Wednesday the 25th of April at 22.00 – and you don't need a crystal ball to predict it'll have the FEFF community in raptures. So what is Operation Red Sea about? It's about the Jiaolong assault team, the Chinese army's finest, and the extremely high-risk missions (which are practically mission: impossibles) they're called on to undertake.

After an opening where the team clears out a ship swarming with pirates off the coast of Somalia, the men of the Jiaolong move to North Africa to take on a terrorist organization and save a group of hostages. Will our heroes, armed to the teeth, manage to escape unscathed from their umpteenth challenge?

With scenes that have already gained themselves a cult reputation, an aesthetic which blends the best in war cinema (Black Hawk Down, The Hurt Locker) with the best 'shooter' video games (Call of Duty), a pace that never drops below 150 MPH and, it must be said, an implicit but clear anti-war message, the only place to find out the answer is at the eagerly-awaited Far East Film Festival 20, in Udine from the 20th to the 28th of April.

Once again this year, there's another packed programme: 81 selected titles (of which 55 in competition). 5 world premieres and 21 first and second films, all highlighting the fact that the cinema of the Far East is more alive than ever!