FEFF on Tour

Four fantastic films, each totally different from the other three, but all sharing the same roots: Asia. FEFF on Tour is the title of an exciting new initiative which will take the Far East Film Festival into cinemas around Italy. Organised by Tucker Film and taking place in parallel with the nine days of festival programming, FEFF on Tour will be happening nationwide (more than 20 cities): while FEFF 23 is happening in Udine and online from the 24th of June to the 2nd of July, FEFF on Tour will be appearing in Italy's cinemas, taking the creative power of Asia outside the festival's doors.
So as we were saying, fourfantastic films which are called upon to act as symbols, witnesses and storytellers. Two of them shone at last year's festival and the other two will shine at this year's: we are talking, in order, about Derek Tsang's Better Days (China/Hong Kong), nominated for an Oscar as best foreign film after its triumph at Udine, Lyao Ming-li's I WeirDO (Taiwan), a hit with the public that made its world premiere at the FEFF, Hamaguchi Ryusuke's Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy (Japan), Silver Bear at the last Berlinale, and brand new for 2021, Herman Yau's Shock Wave 2 (Hong Kong). So let's take a closer look…
Set in high school, unforgettable youth drama Better Days is a story of love and violence that engages with the cruelty and fragility of adolescents and which, in addition to winning the FEFF, also won the Black Mulberry award voted for by Shogun pass holders (the audience equivalent of the "critics prize"). Shot entirely on an iPhone and dedicated to the collision of a couple of "weirdos", the colourful I WeirDO, on the other hand, tells a tale which is as irresistible as it is unique: two young outsiders afflicted by obsessive-compulsive disorders who seek (and, perhaps, find) their soul mates. The FEFF's audiences fell head over heels for Ching and Po-ching, so odd yet so human!
Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy is something quite different again: in its three episodes, which unravel like orchestral movements, three intense female characters grapple with the geometry of coincidence and randomness as director Hamaguchi investigates the consequences of feelings and destiny and the question: how much can a simple unexpected event affect our life? And then there's Shock Wave 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the blockbuster which was a hit in Udine in 2017. An explosive mega-thriller that once again sees star Andy Lau (who FEFF 23 audiences will also be able to see him in black comedy Endgame) in the starring role. A blockbuster with a capital "B" just to remind the world, if it needed reminding, that great Hong Kong action cinema never dies!