Floating Free

We see a man floating in the air. In the image, his flight is condensed and crystallised within one moment, indeed the only moment that is shown, which leaves us wondering what happened before that. Did he jump? Or dive? Was it a stunt? We can only imagine. The photograph doesn’t say what happened, but it says something nonetheless. It says that that man’s body is a free body. And it is precisely this freedom, this unimpeded and unregulated movement, what gives the meaning of the 21st edition of the Udine Far East Film Festival

Once more, graphic designer Roberto Rosolin puts his signature on the FEFF image. His portrait artfully combines the FEFF ‘pop’ nature with the two fundamental tenets that have always characterized it: the challenge and the dream. The Festival jumps, dives, even stunts, into the cinematographic universe made in Asia. The Festival, indeed, is that body, floating free since 1999.

Eagerly awaited every year, the FEFF is returning to Udine’s Teatro Nuovo from April 26th to May 4th. Over time, the Festival became a veritable ‘island of the cinema’: that is, a place where movies are not only shown, reviewed and experienced, but also ‘designed’, through the Industry section Focus Asia. Furthermore, the highly distinctive character of the movies, whose genre and origin are always well identifiable, allows the festival programmers to structure the event as a real platform on-demand.

The FEFF 21, always a vantage point for trends, styles and industry of the Far East cinema, will once again draw on the finest Asian productions from the past year, and will enrich the program with plenty of side-events. Featuring this year’s edition… Sake in all its majesty!