260 pages that tell the story of an incredible challenge. 260 pages that tell the story of an amazing journey. 260 pages that tell the story of a mind-blowing digital adventure: the digital adventure that was the FAR EAST FILM FESTIVAL 22!
Ink still wet from the printer's shop, here is the bilingual catalog intended to act as a bridge – both symbolically and physically - between the 2020 edition and the 2021 edition (already scheduled from the 23rd of April to the 1st of May of next year). A valuable testimony, bursting at the seams with essays, interviews and summaries of films, which we hope will leave a tangible memory of the FEFF ONLINE EDITION and not just a trail of glowing pixels...
Email us (fareastfilm@cecudine.org) and request your copy immediately (20 euros + shipping costs). It'll be like proudly stating, "I was there"!