10.30 – Livestream
An espresso with…
Darcy Paquet and Tim Youngs introduce the lineup of the seventh day. 

Kim Ji-young, Born 1982
Directed by KIM Do-young
(South Korea, 2019)
Dedicated mother Kim seems possessed by other personalities. Adapted from Cho Nam-joo's bestseller, a look at the suffocating evils of gender discrimination.

14.40 – Livestream
Live conversation about Asian cinema. With Mark Schilling.

Life Finds a Way
Directed by WATANABE Hirobumi
(Japan, 2018)
The Watanabe brothers' 8½. A struggling director finds himself in a series of unlikely situations. An eccentric cocktail of humour and stylistic invention.

17.30 – With a brief live introduction
An Insignificant Affair
Directed by NING Yuanyuan
(China, 2020)
A boy and a girl in high school are caught holding hands. The entire school is drawn into the furore that results from this innocuous show of affection, with Kafkaesque results.

18.30 – Instagram Livestream
MasterFEFF – Asia in a Recipe
On the FEFF channel (@fareastfilm), one chef a day and one recipe a day in a journey through the secrets of Asian gastronomy. Today featuring chef Amy Lim Man Wai from Chinese restaurant Mangiare Bere Uomo Donna in Suzzara.

20.45 – Livestream
Red carpet
Live introduction to the evening's events.

Line Walker 2 Invisible Spy
Directed by Jazz BOON
(Hong Kong, 2019)
Three cops take on the organisation which has infiltrated the police, but the mission turns into a firestorm where it becomes hard to tell the good guys from the bad. Made-in-Hong action returns with a bang! 

23.00 – With a brief live introduction
The Closet
Directed by KIM Kwang-bin
(South Korea, 2020)
Sang-Won and his daughter move into an isolated house where they are tormented by an evil presence. Sometimes a skeleton in the closet is more than just a figure of speech!