10.30 – Livestream
An espresso with…
Darcy Paquet introduces the fourth day's lineup.

Crazy Romance
Directed by KIM Han-kyul
(South Korea, 2020)
Sun-young is sent to help Jae-hoon with his work after he's dumped by his girlfriend. The two hit it off, but their gossiping colleagues make life difficult in this boozy love story where the shots keep coming.

Directed by Layla JI
(Malaysia, 2020)
A gripping drama that tackles bullying, young people and social networks, and the distance between the worlds inhabited by children and their parents.

14.40 – Livestream
A live conversation on Japanese cinema with Mark Schilling.

I'm Really Good
Directed by WATANABE Hirobumi
(Japan, 2020)
A normal day for little Riko, at home and at school. A vivid suite pervaded by the calm flow of reality which is filled with an authentic sense of wonder.

17.30 – With a brief live introduction
A Beloved Wife
Directed by ADACHI Shin
(Japan, 2020)
What is comedy except another face of tragedy? A failing screenwriter attempts a holiday reconciliation with his wife and daughter. Sardonic and surreal.

18.30 – Instagram Livestream
MasterFEFF – Asia in a Recipe
On the FEFF channel (@fareastfilm), one chef a day and one recipe a day in a journey through the secrets of Asian gastronomy. Today featuring Chef Luca Catalfamo, from Milan restaurant Casa Ramen.

20.45 – Livestream
Red carpet
Live introduction to the evening's events.

21.00 - Only showing
I WeirDO 
Directed by LIAO Ming-yi
(Taiwan, 2020)
A pop comedy with masks! Obsessive-compulsives Po-ching and Ching are destined to meet in this weirdo romance told with humour, a light touch and a hint of melancholy. 

23.00 – With a brief live introduction
Beasts Clawing at Straws
Directed by KIM Young-hoon
(South Korea, 2020)
Like in a woodcut by Escher, four destinies become intertwined and the colour of money turns blood red in this jigsaw of lives on the edge.