10.30 – Livestream
An espresso with…
Darcy Paquet introduces the fifth day's lineup.

Lucky Chan-sil
Directed by KIM Cho-hee
(South Korea, 2020)
A touching, powerful portrait of a woman - producer Chan-sil - who finds herself unemployed and rediscovers love thanks to a young French teacher.

14.40 – Livestream
A live conversation about Asian cinema with Mark Shilling.

Directed by WATANABE Hirobumi
(Japan, 2019)
The slow, melancholy life of a pig farmer, shot without dialogue in powerful black and white. Grotesque and alienating.

17.30 – With a brief live introduction
My Sweet Grappa Remedies
Directed by OHKU Akiko
(Japan, 2020)
Grappa – which the director first tried in Udine! - is one of the "remedies" for depression that passionate, complex Yoshiko describes in her tragicomic diary.

18.30 – Instagram Livestream
MasterFEFF – L’Asia in una ricetta
On the FEFF channel (@fareastfilm), one chef a day and one recipe a day in journey through the secrets of Asian gastronomy.

20.45 – Livestream
Red carpet
Live introduction to the evening's events.

Ip Man 4: The Finale
Directed by Wilson YIP
(Hong Kong, 2019)
An American setting and the appearance of Bruce Lee in the spectacular final chapter of Donnie Yen and Wilson Yip's legendary Ip Man saga. A hero never dies!

23.00 – With a brief live introduction
Directed by Carlo LEDESMA
(Philippines, 2019)
Miracles don't come cheap, as protagonist Olivia discovers in this horror movie full of labyrinthine twists and with many frightening faces.