Programme for Wednesday the 1st of May

Wednesday the 1st of May: her highness sake takes the stage! The world premiere of eagerly-anticipated documentary Kampai! Sake Sisters, the 'female' sequel to Kampai! For the Love of Sake, arrives at FEFF 21 (followed by a talk and sake tasting which combines Japanese excellence with our own Montasio: info at the Teatro Nuovo ticket office). Directed like its predecessor by Mirai Konishi, the film looks at the presence of women in the Japanese sake industry, which was once completely male-dominated. Leading the viewer through the fascinating world of sake are three female pioneers in the sector: Miho Imada, daughter of the brewmaster of an old Hiroshima sake brewery and now a brewmaster herself (who, together with sommelier Giovanna Coen, will be the guest of the talk and tasting), Rebekah Wilson-Lye, a New Zealand consultant who puts sake producers in touch with other industrial realities, and Marie Chiba, the charismatic young owner of a sake bar in Tokyo who enjoys creating original combinations of this traditional drink with a range of culinary products.
But the sixth day of FEFF 21, which opens with another world premiere (Japanese drama Only The Cat Knows), will also welcome the world of comics, anime, manga and video games to the festival: in fact, at 4.00 pm there'll be the grand return of the Far East Cosplay Contest, now in its tenth edition and presented, like every year, by Giorgia Vecchini (aka Giorgia Cosplay). The appointment is in the central Piazza San Giacomo, weather permitting (in the case of rain, the contest will be held under the Loggia del Lionello).

Programme for Wednesday the 1st of May

Only The Cat Knows 
by KOBAYASI Syoutarou (Japan, 2019)
Masaru and Yukiko have been married for fifty years. They don't talk anymore, and Yukiko spends her days knitting and caring for her cat. But when the cat disappears, she realizes that her marriage is disappearing too. A pair of wonderful actors, a dry sense of humour and a profoundly sensitive screenplay combine to examine how love and the problems it causes affect us, whatever our age.

by LEE Chang-geun (South Korea, 2019) 

The life of a grumpy old taxi driver is turned upside down when he and his wife discover they are both suffering from dementia. In their youth they dreamed of growing old together and now, as their memories decay, their love for one another somehow grows stronger as they try to organize the journey the woman dreams of: a journey towards the sea, and towards an eternity together.

KAMPAI! Sake Sisters
by KONISHI Mirai (Japan, 2019)
For centuries, women were forbidden to even enter sake distilleries, let alone produce the stuff! Kampai! Sake Sisters invites us into the lives of three groundbreaking women: Imada is one of the world's most renowned master distillers, Marie, who runs a sake bar, is a pioneering sommelier, and New Zealander Rebekah Wilson-Lye is a sommelier who has earned praise for the range of her palette.

A Cool Fish
by RAO Xiaozhi (China, 2018)

While a pair of small-time thieves are sneaking into the apartment of a young woman who was paralysed during a bungled burglary, a former policeman is searching for a rifle that was stolen from him and the crime boss he works for is fleeing with the money he has robbed. A group of individuals on the margins of society whose lives become intertwined in a sudden and unexpected way.

by KIM Min-ho (South Korea, 2018)  

It's not a good idea to make an enemy of a former criminal who has found peace working in a fish market - and if he's a heavyweight with a knockout punch like Ma Dong-seok, making him angry is a very bad idea indeed. But unfortunately for them, the gang of ruthless gangsters who are holding his wife ransom don't know about his past. A high-octane action thriller packed with fights and comedy.

by YAMASHITA Nobuhiro (Japan, 2018)
Ukon – a good guy with a short temper - and his only friend, the homeless, intellectually-challenged Ushiyama, work for an eccentric old man. One day Ushiyama comes across a robot that looks as if it was built out of scrap but which has a will of its own. It's the start of a thrilling friendship. Adapted from a popular manga, a film whose surreal world is peopled with bizarre characters and a poetic hand-made robot that is tenderness incarnate.

Three Husbands 
by Fruit CHAN (Hong Kong, 2018)

Profoundly satirical and deeply disturbing, Three Husbands brings together sex and social critique through the lens of Fruit Chan's rebellious and visionary aesthetic. A prostitute works in a boat docked in the port of Hong Kong. With a superhuman libido and three loving husbands, she dedicates herself obstinately to her work - but with three men depending on her, the business starts to suffer.