11.00 – Livestream 
Espresso with…
Live introduction to the second day. Mark Schilling and Pio D’Emilia chat with journalist  Mochizuki Isoko and Mori Tatsuya, director of i-Documentary of the Journalist.


i-Documentary of the Journalist
Directed by MORI Tatsuya
(Japan, 2019)
Isoko Mochizuki's insistent questioning of government sources has made her a pariah. A memorable snapshot of the state of the media in Japan today.

14.40 –  Livestream
Join FEFF consultant Kevin Ma for a livestreamed chat about Asian cinema. 

We Are Champions
Directed by CHANG Jung-Chi
(Taiwan, 2019)
Bonded by blood but divided by basketball, two brothers become rivals on the court. An exciting sports film that balances drama inside and outside the game.

17.30 – With a brief live introduction

Chasing Dream
Directed by Johnnie TO
(Hong Kong/China, 2019)
Songs! Fights! Romance! Johnnie To returns with a bang with this romantic comedy about two indomitable fighters that combines sports movie with musical. 

18.30 – Instagram  Livestream

MasterFEFF – Asia in a Recipe
On the FEFF channel (@fareastfilm), one chef a day, one recipe a day. A journey through the secrets of Asian gastronomy that begins with Chef Aya Yamamoto of Milan's Gastronomia Yamamoto di Milano. 

20.45 – Livestream

Red carpet
An introduction to the evening's events.


The White Storm 2 Drug Lords
Directed by Herman YAU
(Hong Kong, 2019)
A fiery actioneer that hurls the viewer into the war between Hong Kong's number one drug dealer and his ex-best friend, now a powerful businessman.

23.00 – With a brief live introduction

Directed by John HSU
(Taiwan, 2019)
Taiwan - the White Terror. Two teenagers wake up in school in the middle of the night and discover that menacing figures roam the darkness.