10.30 – Livestream
An espresso with…
Live introduction to the final day: Mark Schilling chats with Ninomiya Ryutaro, director of Minori, on the Brink.

Minori, on the Brink
Directed by NINOMIYA Ryutaro
(Japan, 2019)
Pretty Minori is sick and tired of the shameless way men are constantly hitting on her. Her hot-tempered reactions make the film a paean to Girl Power!


Cheerful Wind
Directed by HOU Hsiao-Hsien
(Taiwan, 1982/restored version, 2018)
Using scenes from everyday life, HUO Hsiao-Hsien depicts the relationship between a man and a woman with a brio and depth that evokes the Nouvelle Vague.

14.40 – Livestream
A live chat about Asian cinema.


Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku
Directed by FUKUDA Yuichi
(Japan, 2020)
An effervescent musical about one of the most unlikely couples seen on screen: two Otaku intent on hiding their nerdiness from their colleagues!

17.30 – With a brief live introduction
Directed by MATSUI Daigo
(Japan, 2020)
A portrait of adolescent life depicted through sport, comedy, drama, social media and an unlikely virtual handball team.

20.45 – Livestream
Red carpet
Live introduction to the evening's events.

21.00 – Only screening
Better Days
Directed by Derek Kwok-cheung TSANG
(China, 2019)
The struggle to survive brings together a bullied student and a petty criminal. Two lives on the margins in a painful, urgent portrait of adolescence.

23.30 – Livestream
Awards Ceremony
Audience Awards 2020