10.40 - Live streaming
Espresso with…
The FEFF consultant Darcy Paquet presents the Opening Day films. With a focus on The House of Us.

The House of Us 
Directed by YOON Ga-eun
South Korea 2019, 92'
Over one dream-like summer holiday, 12-year-old Hana leads two little sisters on an adventure to prevent them from moving house.

14.40 – Live streaming
The FEFF consultant Mark Shilling in a conversation with Shiraishi Kazuya, Director of One Night.

15.00 – Available: Italy only 
One Night 
Directed by SHIRAISHI Kazuya
Japan 2019, 123'
A murder, a woman, her three children, atonement and kinship. A lacerating, intense melodrama and a dark portrait of the Japanese family.

17.30 – Live streaming
Changfeng Town 
Directed by WANG Jing 
China 2019, 125'.
Everyone in Changfeng Town has a story to tell, and a group of kids discover the harshness of life that hides behind the wonderment of childhood. 

Red carpet
Live streaming

Directed by KIM Byung-seo, LEE Hae-jun
South Korea 2019, 129'
A task force tries to use a nuclear explosion to stop a volcano erupting. Pyrotechnic special effects and action that's a 9 on the Richter scale.

23.00 – Live streaming
Directed by Joko ANWAR
Indonesia 2019, 108'
Maya returns to her village, unaware that her neighbours want to kill her to end a curse. Folklore and buckets of blood in this disturbing horror.