10.30 – Livestream
An espresso with…
Live introduction to the eighth day: Mark Schilling chats with Tanada Yuki, director of Romance Doll.

Romance Doll
Directed by TANADA Yuki
(Japan, 2020)
The love between Tetsuo and his sick wife inspires the creation of the best sex doll ever made. Kindness, melancholy and a touch of poetry in a sex doll factory.

14.40 – Livestream

Live from Japan, director Watanabe Hirobumi will be chatting with Mark Schilling and presenting Party 'Round the Globe, the fourth of his films in the Focus feature FEFF 22 has dedicated to him this year.


Party 'Round the Globe
Directed by WATANABE Hirobumi
(Japan, 2018)
Talkative Hirayama invites his taciturn friend Honda to his grandmother's 100th birthday party... And the Watanabe's eccentric oeuvre takes on new colours.

17.30 – Only screening, with a brief live introduction
Suk Suk
Directed by Ray YEUNG
(Hong Kong, 2019)
The love story between 70-year-old taxi driver Pak and single father Hoi, told through furtive glances and shot through with a delicate romanticism.

18.30 – Instagram Livestream
MasterFEFF – Asia in a Recipe
On the FEFF Instagram channel (@fareastfilm), one chef a day and one recipe a day for a journey through the secrets of Asian gastronomy. Today with Samuele Lissoni, barman of the Kanpai restaurant in Milan, who will be revealing how to make a Bushido cocktail.

20.45 – Livestream
Red carpet
Live introduction to the evening's events.

Directed by LEE Sang-geun
(South Korea, 2019)
When Seoul is engulfed by a deadly gas, unemployed Yong-nam sets out to prove that he's a hero. Or at least, to try to...

23.00 – With a brief live introduction

Directed by Emir EZWAN
(Malaysia, 2020)
A mother and her children help a lost girl who foretells their deaths. A dark and bloody fairytale that evokes disturbing folklore.