There's something about Ogu!

It only took a few scenes to make Ogu the dog a celebrity, and now he's a real-life pop-culture phenomenon: thousands of followers on Instagram, thousands of articles written about him, features on TV, “interviews” (okay, in inverted commas, but still "interviews"). South Korea might have adopted Ogu, but one woman has actually adopted him: Jenna Ku, the producer of Little Forest, the South Korean pearl by Yim Soon-rye that launched Ogu's showbiz career and whose European premiere will be at the Far East Film Festival 20!

In Italian, when you say an actor “acts like a dog" it can only mean one thing - and its not particularly promising one for their future career! In this case, though, it's a simple observation: an objective fact, not a criticism. And anyway, when it actually is a dog doing the acting, what else can you call it?
After Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Marley, Beethoven and the legendary cartoon hounds of 101 Dalmatians, the canine walk of fame has moved East and acquired a new star. A star that the audience of the Far East Film Festival 20 will have the good fortune to get to know on Wednesday the 25th of April (at 5.45 pm), when they see one of the most touching films in the festival's line-up.

And let's not forget that the stars of Little Forest include one of the most eagerly-awaited guests at the FEFF 20: super-diva Moon So-ri, who will be taking the stage in Udine on Tuesday the 24th of April to present her directing debut, the irreverent autobiographical comedy The Running Actress.