Spaghetti incident

An old cliché turned into a fun crime story!
Michele Fiascaris and Filippo Polesel create the trailer for 20th Far East Film Festival.

Alluding to a Guns N’ Roses album, the title Spaghetti Incident has ROCK written all over it. It in fact ridicules the old cliché that has bothered Italians and Chinese since the dawn of time: what was invented first? Spaghetti or noodles? The answer of course is not of great importance, but two young directors, Michele Fiascaris from Udine and Filippo Polesel from Venice, played around with this eternal question, transforming it in an actual mini-film: a fun crime story in perfect Hong Kong style, 1 minute 15 seconds long, chosen by the Far East Film Festival as the official trailer for 20th edition!

«Spaghetti Incident – explain Fiascaris e Polesel – is a brief sketch with a gangster style backdrop, which makes fun of the unsolvable ‘origin of spaghetti’ myth. Who invented them? Us Italians or the Chinese? No doubt it’s an innocent and frivolous discussion, unless the ones having this discussion are two violent criminal bosses of the Chinese and Italian underworld».

The two bad guys, watched over by their own bodyguards, sit at a table with Dan Dan Noodles in front of them: one is played by Wai Wong, Hong Kong actor who has lived in the UK since he was born (we caught a glimpse of him in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight), the other is played by Luca Zizzari, born in Milan and raised in London, known to the public for playing Matteo in the cult series Peaky Blinders.

Filmed in London’s Chinatown, where Fiascaris and Polesel are in a groove both as directors and as producers, Spaghetti Incident will entertain audiences at the 20th Far East Film Festival (20th – 28th April). As already announced, goddess Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia will be responsible for symbolically cutting the ribbon, officially opening the 20th edition, Friday 20th April, and Udine will once again, for 9 days, be transformed into the European epicentre of Asian cinema.