Udine, tomorrow

Focus Asia, the FEFF industry section, sets the scene for the Cannes market plans the cinema of the future.
150 professionals from all over the world in Udine.

If cinema is the mirror of its times, the Far East Film Festival is the mirror of the present day. A present day that looks to, and talks about, the future. A quick look through the data relating to the festival’s industry events is all it takes to see that in recent years the FEFF has become the market that sets the scene for Cannes, not just in terms of dates but also in terms of content and function: a key event that manages to bring 150 international professionals from 36 countries to Udine and to host more than 300 one-on-one meetings in less than 3 days.
While this year's Get Ready for Cannes section involved the participation of 12 Sales Companies and 46 buyers from 19 countries, the two sections dedicated to projects under development – the Focus Asia-All Genres Project Market and Ties That Bind - selected a total of 25 new projects from Asia and Europe. Impressive numbers that provide solidity and continuity, making Udine an increasingly important market for the cinema industry. 
“The selection of the projects at Focus Asia was very good, attractive, touching and the event was wonderful!” commented Gene Yao of Swallow Wings Film (Taiwan). Cao Liuying of Midnight Blur Film (China) was also very positive: “The Teatro Nuovo was such a perfect place for the screening and the general atmosphere during the screening was on top!” “You can easily get to know new people,” says Sarah Schiesser (Locarno Film Festival), “and talk to those that you might have briefly met already elsewhere.” “The Far East Film Festival has really grown,” adds Manuel Ewald of Koch Media (Germany), “and Get ready for Cannes section really helped me to stretch out my Cannes Calendar a tiny bit”
And let's not forget that this year's Focus Asia also hosted the work of the Co-Production Day: a large industry event that brought together filmmakers and producers from Europe and Asia to analyse potential developments regarding the Italy/China co-production agreement signed in 2018.