Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy isn't made up of three episodes: it's made up of three movements, as if its script were music. Three beautiful pieces dedicated to the consequences of love and destiny that ask, how much of an effect can a simple unexpected event have on our lives? And after winning the Silver Bear at the recent Berlinale online festival, the latest masterpiece by Hamaguchi Ryusuke (Passion, Happy Hour, Asako I & II) will officially be in competition at the Udine Far East Film Festival!


FEFF 23 will be taking place in both physical and digital form from the 11th to the 19th of June, but Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy won't just be part of the line-up in Udine: Tucker Film have acquired the rights for its Italian distribution and will also be showing it in the country's most important cinemas over the period of the Festival.


As minimal formally as it is emotionally intense, Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy investigates the collisions of heart and fate. A theme for which, as we said earlier, Hamaguchi develops three narrative variations, dictating their rhythm through dialogue (Hamaguchi also wrote the script) and crafting three intense female characters who struggle with their feelings, their imaginations and with the unpredictable geometries of coincidence and chance. This is the thread that connects the three chapters (Magic, Door Wide Open and Once Again) and the souls of the three women (Meiko, Nao and Natsuko) and represents the driving force behind a wonderful film where, without ever losing its Japanese essence, Tokyo becomes a theatre of universal emotions.