Festival Regulations


The 24th edition of the Far East Film Festival is organised by Centro Espressioni Cinematografiche (C.E.C.), a cultural association financed by the Italian Government, the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and the Comune di Udine. C.E.C. works to offer quality films throughout the year through the programming and management of two cinemas in the city of Udine. The Far East Film Festival is the most important of the various cultural and artistic projects handled by C.E.C.
The Festival is a non-profit cultural event.
La Cineteca del Friuli (FIAF member since 1989) is the official partner of Far East Film Festival.



-    To encourage and develop the understanding and appreciation of Far-East and Souht-East Asian popular films amongst European and Italian audiences;
-    To study and research the historical attributes of Asian filmmaking through retrospectives organised with Asian film archives;
-    To contribute to the commercial distribution of Asian films across European and Italian markets.
-    To create a mutually beneficial exchange between Asian and European film professionals.


The main event will take place in person in Udine from 22nd to 30th April 2022. The Festival will also present an online section.

In the case of the 24th edition of the Festival being cancelled by effect of law, decree or regulation by regional, national or international authorities due to force majeure or emergency situations (including, but not limited to, instances relating to the current COVID-19 pandemic), in-person screenings and events will be partially or wholly changed or cancelled, and all contractual obligations of the Festival will be rendered null and void.
Even if such a law, decree or regulation is not issued, the Far East Film Festival may cancel its 24th edition should the Festival consider it necessary or if circumstances require it.  
In case of a situation of force majeure or emergency, the Far East Film Festival may vary its format to adapt to these circumstances, including adopting a more limited programme or a digital alternative.
In such cases, the festival undertakes to inform the representatives of the selected films and the participants in a timely fashion.


4.1 Main venue – Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine; a modern facility (1,200 seats) on 3 floors with press room, hospitality office, bookshop and video room. It also hosts the film panel discussions, held every day during the Festival.

4.2 Additional venues
– the Visionario theatre; a renovated cultural centre managed by C.E.C., which includes a total of 5 screening rooms (one of which is equipped with an ATMOS audio system), for a total of 426 seats plus a café-bistro, a restaurant and a media library.
– Cinema Centrale; located in the heart of the city, this historic cinema has two screens for a total of 317 seats.

4.3 Streaming platform - The online section of FEFF24 will be available on www.fareastream.it. MYmovies, the Festival’s technical partner, will make the Festival contents available to the audience in either TVOD (transactional video on demand) or in SVOD (subscription video on demand) streaming. The streams may be geo-blocked on the basis of specific needs as agreed with the production and/or distribution companies. The files (video and .srt) will be deleted from MYmovies servers within 15 days of the end of the Festival.
MYmovies.it works to protect copyright and/or rights related to the works uploaded to the platform through the adoption of Hollywood Grade DRM Protection.
MYmovies is a company of GEDI Group S.P.A. (La Repubblica, La Stampa, Radio Deejay, Radio Capital), one of the most important publishing groups in Italy, owned by Exor N.V. (FCA, Ferrari, Juventus, The Economist).

Competition section, Retrospective section, Out of Competition section

5.1  Competition section
The Festival Selection Committee selects films to be included in the Festival's programme, with the cooperation of local consultants in each Asian country, working in close contact with major film producers and distributors. The programme will be published in early April 2022.  
The awarded titles will be announced on stage in front of the audience during the Festival's closing ceremony.
The Festival Awards are:
-    AUDIENCE MULBERRY AWARDS (Golden Mulberry, Silver Mulberry, Crystal Mulberry) to the three films that receive the highest number of votes from the Festival audience
-    BLACK DRAGON AWARD (Black Mulberry), critic’s choice award
-    PURPLE MULBERRY AWARD, voted by the users of website mymovies.it

The Mulberry tree, which originated in Asia but is also characteristic of Friuli's landscape, was chosen for its symbolic representation of the meeting point between two seemingly distant cultures. Furthermore, the cultivation of silkworms, whose diet consists almost exclusively of mulberry leaves, is a longstanding tradition both in Friuli and in Asia.

The awards were created by Idea Prototipi®, one of the leading metal manufacturing companies; a real-life tree from the Friulian countryside is scanned using a process called TiQu™ and transformed into a beautiful 3D model without the intervention in the process of human hands.

5.2 Jury
A small international jury will evaluate all debut films screened in the Competition section and award the best debut feature with the White Mulberry Award.
The Jury may also award a special mention.
5.3  Retrospective sections
Every year, Far East Film Festival focuses on a different historical aspect of Asian film production by presenting a retrospective programme curated by one or more experts in the field of interest. To celebrate these annual retrospectives, C.E.C. publishes a monograph which aims to make up for the lack of information available in Europe and Italy on the rich history of Far Eastern film production.

5.4  Out of Competition
The films that the selection committee feel are of extreme value and importance but that do not meet the official Festival requirements of time, duration or release date, will be included in the Festival’s Out of Competition section.


The participants (10 producers with projects from Europe and Asia, and 5 career participants) are chosen by a selection committee and the call for the next edition will be launched in June 2022.
The 15 participants of the 13th edition took part in the first section of the online workshop in November/December 2021 during the Southeast Asian Film Financing (SAFF) Forum in collaboration with the Southeast Asian Audio-Visual Association (SAAVA).
The second part of the workshop is scheduled from 25th to 29th April 2022 during the Far East Film Festival.
Ties That Bind is organized by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Audiovisual Fund, EAVE, Udine Far East Film Festival and Southeast Asian Audio-Visual Association (SAAVA), and supported by the Creative Europe - MEDIA program of the European Union and Aurora Media Holdings.


Now in its 7th edition, Focus Asia represents FEFF’s Industry/Market section, a venue where Asia and Europe, as well as any other parties who wish to take part, plan the cinema of the future. The idea is to create new connections during the films’ initial production phase, putting together high-quality projects and key players from the respective film industries.
From 26th to 28th April 2022 registered professionals can participate in a variety of activities: panel talks, one-to-one meetings, a Project Market dedicated to projects in development and an exclusive Work in Progress (WIP) section addressing Asian films looking for international distribution and festival premiere. More recent initiatives are GET READY FOR CANNES, where a fine selection of international sales agents have the opportunity to present their most recent line up to all Asian and European attending buyers; and the SECOND-HAND FILM MARKET, designed to showcase a selection of restored hits from the recent past ready to be released in the near future.
The selection of the projects is handled by experts from the cinema industries of both continents.
More information about the submission process will be available in January 2022.


Now in its 8th edition, FEFF Campus is a training project, dedicated to young, aspiring Asian and European journalists, organised as part of the Far East Film Festival. The project was born from the need to strengthen the link between the Festival, Asian cinema and the new generation of cinema lovers and film critics.
The participants – 5 Asians and 5 Europeans, all under 26 – join a programme that includes seminars, interviews and workshops focusing on “how to write about cinema”. The lessons and the meetings, all in English, will be organised under the supervision of a group of professionals of the audiovisual and communication industries led by veteran journalist Mathew Scott. The students will play an active role in the FEFF global community.

Requirements for candidates:
-    Candidates must be between 18 and 26 years of age
-    They must have an excellent command of both written and spoken English
-    They must have citizenship or residency in a European or Asian country
-    Passion for cinema and the desire to take part first-hand in the festival
-    Access to a laptop
-    Experience and knowledge of how to use video cameras

More information about the submission will be available on the site in January 2022.


The Festival's official languages are Italian and English. Italian and English subtitles are provided during the screenings. The afternoon panel discussions, with the participation of our Asian special guests and artists, are entirely translated into Italian and English, and available through headphones.


Please submit your film by sending us an email at fareastfilm@cecudine.org with general information about the film. To be eligible, films must be produced in or co-produced with Far-Eastern countries. An online screener with English subtitles is mandatory for us to assess the film. Due to the large number of submissions we will not always be able to give feedback to non-selected films.
The deadline for film submission is early March 2022.

10.1  Selection criteria
In order to participate in the competition section, all films must fulfil the following requirements (exceptions are made at the discretion of the organisers for special and motivated situations):
-    Only feature films released after the 1st January 2021 will be accepted.
-    Films must not have previously participated in other film festivals in Italy or Europe, nor should they have been screened in the market sections of other festivals before the Udine FEFF. Feature films making their world premieres will be favoured. In exceptional cases, the Selection Committee might take different situations into account and accept films that have already been presented in Europe.


11.1 Technical support for physical screening
Accepted formats: DCP 2K and 4K.
Accepted audio formats: 5.1 or 7.1. A room equipped with Dolby Atmos will be available; its use can be agreed upon with the Festival offices.
Before being sent to the Festival, the DCP must be subjected to a quality check (image and format, audio, subtitles, compliance with standards, integrity of files and media) by the producer/distributor.

We request DCPs with English subtitles and preferably unencrypted.
If the DCP is encrypted, the Festival organization must receive a KDM by 8th April 2022 in order to be able to check the DCP.
The KDM must be valid from the moment of DCP shipment until 30th April 2022, last day of the Festival, and be produced for all the servers utilised during the event (showings may take place on more than one screen).
If necessary, further technical specifications will be given by the Festival offices.

DCPs must reach the office by 20th March 2022.

11.2 Technical support for online screening
Accepted format: clean file (without hard-coded subtitles) with the following specifications:
•    Resolution: 1920x1080 preferred; 1280x720 also accepted
•    Frame Rate: 23.976 or 24 or 25 FPS
•    Codec: H.264
•    Wrapper: .mp4 / .mov
•    Bit Rate: 10/20 Mbps | VBR 2-pass export recommended
•    Audio: stereo, AAC-LC (Advanced Audio Codec), 320 kbit/s, 48 kHz
•    Subtitles: English .srt file synchronized with the video file

The files for online screening may have a standardised non-invasive watermark placed by the manufacturer/distributor (for further instructions, please contact the Festival offices).

Files must reach the office by 20th March 2022.

11.3 Additional materials

The films invited to the Festival will receive an Official Invitation, Entry Form and Agreement Form to be completed, signed and returned. The invitation must remain confidential until the official announcement by the Festival organization.

In order to create Italian subtitles, include each film in the Festival catalogue and organise the promotional materials for the film, the Festival must receive the following materials by 20th March 2022:
-    Entry Form completed with information and technical details;
-    Agreement Form signed by the relevant person in charge;
-    An MP4 screener (even in low resolution) of the film with English subtitles (exact duration and frame rate as the version to be presented at the Festival) for internal festival use;
-    A time-coded English dialogue list in .srt format, synched with the DCP and the screener,
-    Information on the film and the director (summary, cast&credits, production note);
-    Press-kit in English;
-    2 photographs of the director;
-    10 film stills in high-resolution, JPG format;
-    Hard-copies of advertising/promotional material, such as posters (at least 5 for display) and flyers (30 pieces);
-    EPK material of the film (HD clips + audio clips + HD trailer) for promotion; the trailer must be in MP4 format (1920x1080).

MP4 samples with English subtitles, the English dialogue list and high-resolution images are mandatory.
Each company is kindly asked to provide as much promotional materials as possible for each title.


All materials required for both physical and online screenings should be preferably sent by digital delivery via Aspera or similar services or, alternatively, by DHL courier (v. section 12.1).

12.1 DHL
For physical shipments, the distributor/producer or sales agent is requested to contact their local DHL office to arrange the collection at their offices, using the Festival's DHL customer code which will be duly communicated. The materials must be shipped to:
Centro Espressioni Cinematografiche
Via Villalta 24
33100 Udine, Italy
Tel: +39 0432 299545

All shipping costs of the DCP and of the materials required between Asia and Italy are borne by the Festival. If a film participates in another festival following FEFF24, the shipping costs from Udine to the new destination will be borne by the other festival. This regulation also applies to films that are to be sent to a destination other than the original one.

12.2 Deadline for shipments
In order to prepare the technical services and translations of each selected work, all invited films must arrive in Udine at the Festival offices no later than the 20th March 2022.
12.3 Return of selected works
If the film is to be sent to a destination other than the original one after screening at FEFF24, the distributors/producers or sales agents are requested to provide the Festival with precise instructions by 30th April 2022. When no instructions are given, the organizers will return the film to the original sender. All films will be shipped to the addresses provided within two weeks after the end of the festival.


All films will have a minimum of 1 official physical public screening during the event (unless otherwise agreed) at the time and date specified in the Festival schedule, and they will be shown in the original version as provided by the producer/distributor with English and Italian subtitles (the latter,  produced by the Festival).

Subject to previous agreement with the rights holder, films may be included in the online section of the Festival.  

The general schedule and screening times are the exclusive responsibility of the Festival Direction. Any final decisions and changes to the program will be made by the Selection Committee.


After the Festival has announced its official line-up, all producers and distributors guarantee that all forms of promotional material for the film (posters, press-kits, trailers, etc.) will bear the official FEFF24 logo.
Producers and distributors of films awarded at the festival will undertake to display the official logo of the award on their advertising material.


The Festival organisers reserve the right to invite special guests, including film directors, producers and actors, to participate in the Festival in relation to the promotion of the screenings.

15.1 Invited guests are expected to attend the following official events:
-    A presentation of their film on stage before the screening (the guest will be welcomed on stage by a member of the C.E.C. selection committee and the presentation will last about ten minutes)
-    A round of private interviews with international press and media
-    A panel discussion with press, media and the public in attendance

All participants acknowledge the media partners’ right to cover the Far East Film Festival and to broadcast the materials recorded during the event on television and radio.
15.2 Invited VIP Guests will be provided with:
-    Up to 4-night’s worth of accommodation in one of the city’s best hotels (at the discretion of Festival organisers)
-    Dedicated hostess welcome at Venice or Trieste airports
-    Transportation from and to the airport, as well as for all other travel needs while in Udine
-    Interpreters (in English or a specific Asian language) for all meetings, presentations, interviews and whenever necessary
-    Italian meals especially arranged for our guests in individually chosen restaurants and wineries.
Any specific requests will also be considered.

Participation of all films and guests in the Festival implies full and unreserved understanding of and compliance with all Festival regulations.

For further information please contact:
Centro Espressioni Cinematografiche – C.E.C./Far East Film Festival
via Villalta 24, 33100 Udine – Italy
Tel  +39/0432/299545