Son of the Macho Dancer

International Festival Premiere

Son of the Macho Dancer
Anak ng macho dancer

The Philippines, 2021, 88’, Tagalog with English
Directed by: Joel Lamangan 
Script: Henry King Quintain
Photography (color): Tim Malones
Editing: Gilbert Obispo
Art Direction: Jay Custodio
Music: Emerson Texon 
Producer: Joed Serrano
Cast: Sean de Guzman (Inno), Jacklyn Jose (Bambi), Allan Paule (Paul), Jay Manalo (Jun Mallari), Emilio Garcia (Roldan), Rosanna Roces (Tere), Ricky Gumera (Kyle), Jim Pebanco (Mama Jimmy)

Date of First Release in Territory: May 15th, 2021



A “coming of age” film about Inno, a 19 year old boy who becomes a male stripper and a prostitute to escape the cruelty of his drug addict father, Son of the Macho Dancer is an obvious reference to the classic film by Lino Brocka, Macho Dancer (1988, shown at the Berlinale then). The negative figure of the father here is adequately played by famous actor Allan Paule, who acted as the main character, Paul (or Pol) in Macho Dancer, 32 years ago…

Written by Henry King Quintain, Son of the Macho Dancer aims to be the equivalent of Brocka’s film in today’s Filipino society: a portrait of lust and greed, even (or more?) during the pandemic crisis. Pol’s son, Inno (Sean de Guzman) is caught in the spider web of the (in)famous male strippers clubs, which used to flourish before the pandemic (all closed now…). To get away from his family inferno, Inno easily falls into the sex and money trap (a Filipino speciality?), induced by former prostitute Bambi (played by Jacklyn Jose, of Mama Rosa fame), who introduces him to the lavish sex parties of rich businessman Jun Mallari (Jay Manalo). Lured by a life of comfort and money offered by Mallari, Inno doesn’t realize what kind of dirty trap is awaiting him, in spite of the warnings by Kyle, another “protege” of Mallari. Until, one day, Inno witnesses Jun Mallari killing another boy who doesn’t want to submit to his sex caprices. The gear is on…

One of the several films shot lately by prolific director Joel Lamangan (who makes between 3 and 5 films a year…), Son of the Macho Dancer is probably the most intriguing and socially interesting among the recent ones (another one being Lockdown, which shows the destiny of a young man going back secretly to his province during Covid times…). Between sexploitation (a lot of flashy scenes with fully naked dancers in the gay bars or at the private parties…), and sharp social/political comment on what makes this society move, the film is certainly the most interesting one recently by veteran director Joel Lamangan, among his abundant (and uneven) filmography: 118 films to date!


Among his best films recently was also Rainbow’s Sunset (2018, with the late Eddie Garcia and Tony Mabesa), a hymn to aging gay lovers. So Filipino!

Enjoy the party, and take some distance…



Joel Lamangan

Joel Lamangan studied film and theater at schools in the Philippines and abroad. He acted and directed for stage and television, then took screen roles, before opting for film direction, making his debut in 1991 with his own version of Darna. Among his more notable films are The Flor Contemplacion Story, with film icon actress Nora Aunor (1995), Pusong Mamon (1998), Deathrow (2000), Hubog (2001), Blue Moon (2006), Deadline (2011) and Justice (2014). Rainbow’s Sunset (2018, with Eddie Garcia and Tony Mabesa) won nine awards at the Metro Manila Film festival.


1994 – Pangako ng Kahapon
1995 – The Flor Contemplacion Story
1999 – Sidhi 
2000 – Deathrow 
2002 – Mano po 
2006 – Zsazsa Zaturnnah Ze Moveeh 
2018 – Rainbow’s Sunset
2020 – Lockdown
2021 – Son of the Macho Dancer

Max Tessier
Film director: Joel LAMANGAN
Year: 2021
Running time: 88'
Country: The Philippines
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