Frequently Asked Questions



● How can I attend the festival?
You can buy an accreditation choosing from several options available or purchase tickets to specific screenings (prices and pre-sales will be available in mid-April).


● Where can I find ticket prices to the single screenings?
All prices will be published on our website in April and will follow certain terms (morning screenings, working days, holidays/banking holidays, etc.)




● Where can I buy an accreditation?
Online on our website by registering a profile on the festival Visitor Page, then purchasing an accreditation from the available options – or onsite at the Visionario ticket office.


● How do I pay for my accreditation?
You can pay online with your credit card, make an international bank transfer, or insert a Bonus docente/18 App code (Italians only). Cash payments are also available if you purchase the accreditation at the Visionario ticket office. 
Please note that for accreditations purchased at Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine during the festival (from 25 April to 2 May) we will only accept cash payments.


● Can I buy an accreditation for someone else?
Yes, you can. Write an e-mail to and you will be sent all the details to request your gift accreditation (payment via bank transfer)..


● Where can I pick up my accreditation badge?
You will be able to pick up your badge at the Accreditation Desk on the 1st floor of Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine from 24 April. The office opening hours will be published on our website in mid-April.


● When can I buy a Black Dragon or Press accreditation?
Black Dragon and Press accreditations will be available at the official opening of the accreditation campaign, on 5 February 2024.
2023 Black Dragon badge-holders will be able to apply for a Black Dragon accreditation and confirm the reservation of the same seat as last year. All the information will be e-mailed to them mid-January.

● Are accreditations refundable?
Accreditations are not refundable. 


● I am 26 years old. Can I apply for an Under 26 accreditation?
Under 26 accreditations are reserved exclusively to people who have not turned 26. If you are 25 but will turn 26 furing the festival, you can still request an Under 26 accreditation (as long as you are not 26 by the time you make the purchase).


● [ITALIANS ONLY: Bonus Docente/18 app] How do I correctly generate a code?
Enter your Carta Docente/18 App profile and follow the procedure:
- Click on “Crea buono”
- Click on “online”
- Select “cinema” and then “abbonamento/card”
- Insert the correct sum for your accreditation, then complete the procedure by generating the code


The sum will be deducted only after our administration has validated the code.


● I have an accreditation. How do I attend a screening?

All badge-holders can access the screenings until seating capacity (pre-booking required). Black Dragon badge-holders will have a personal reserved seat. 
Detailed information on how to access the screenings will be e-mailed to all badge-holders before the start of the festival.


● I would like to change the e-mail address linked to my Eventival Visitor Page.
Write an e-mail to