Cinema critics, specialised journalists, representatives of international festivals and film archives, buyers, as well as University Professors and students of Cinema and oriental languages, can apply for the Festival accommodation.


Due to the economic crisis, which is crushing our already small budget, we will ask you for a small financial help for every night offered:
10 € per night for a stay in single room
5 €  per night for a stay in double room

Financial help is not required from students of Cinema and oriental languages.


Accommodation does not include accreditation to the festival.




Hospitality is usually offered to one representative per publication/website, festival, film archive or distribution company. Please note that accommodation does not include accreditation to the festival.
Requests can be made by sending an e-mail to the Hospitality Office (, indicating clearly the name of the company or newspaper/website/radio, TV station, film archive or festival, stating their role and preferred length of stay at the festival. The Far East Film Hospitality Office will reply to the request as soon as possible, indicating how many nights the Festival can cover. The reply counts as confirmation of hospitality.

Deadline: 25 March 2024.
Type of accommodations: three star hotels, B&B or equivalent, located downtown or near the railway station (breakfast is included at the structure owner’s discretion).





With the aim of enhancing the knowledge of Asian cinema, Far East Film offers to University Professors and students of Cinema and oriental languages the possibility of having accommodation during the festival.

The hospitality offered by the festival is comprised of four nights for the Professor and for five students per Institute/University.
Hospitality has to be requested by 16 February 2024. The request for the students has to be submitted by a reference Professor. It is possible to choose between two options: 
Term A – from Thursday, 25 April (arrival) to Monday, 29 April 2024 (departure)
Term B – from Monday, 29 April (arrival) to Friday, 3 May 2024 (departure)


Please note that there is a limited number of spots available for students. The selection process will take into account both the University and the order of arrival of the request, in order to ensure the broadest and most equitable distribution of available spots.

Professors can apply for accommodation for themselves or just for their students. Every applicant will receive a confirmation e-mail if their hospitality request has been accepted.
The hospitality confirmation has to be followed within 8 days by the accreditation request along with a photo and proof of payment, otherwise accommodation will be cancelled.

Students from the same University will be lodged, if possible, in the same hotel/B&B.


Professors already in our mailing-list will receive the invitation, along with the information to apply for accommodation by e-mail at the end of January 2024. University Professors who are not included in the Far East Film mailing-list but are interested in attending the festival or in sending some students, can write an e-mail to, specifying name and surname, position, University, faculty, department, course, e-mail, phone number, and mobile. Students can also write to us directly, stating their Professor's contact information and all the information above mentioned.