SUMODO ~ The Successors of Samurai ~

Italian Premiere

SUMODO ~ The Successors of Samurai ~
相撲道~サムライを継ぐ者たち~ (SUMODO ~Samurai wo Tsugumono-tachi~)

Japan, 2020, 103’, Japanese
Directed by: Sakata Eiji
Photography (color): Kadota Hiroki
Music: Toyoura Hitomi
Producers: Hayashi Kie, Shimojo Yuki
Production Company: Free Stone Productions Co., Ltd
Cast: Endo Kenichi (narrator), Sakaigawa Hideaki, Takadagawa Katsumi, Goeido Gotaro, Ryuden Goshi, Myogiryu Yasunari, Kagayaki Taishi, Sadanoumi Takashi, Hakuyozan Ryosuke, Kototsurugi Jyunya

Date of First Release in Territory: October 30th, 2020



Even though sumo wrestling has continued for over 1,500 years, it is not well known outside of Japan. SUMODO ~ The Successors of Samurai ~ is the first of its kind documentary. The filmmakers emphasize the arduous journey in attaining one of the high ranks – and most importantly – the lives of two aspiring sumo wrestlers facing many challenges. The Rikishi wrestlers each weigh more than 150 kg. One wrestler sums up a moment when they clash violently without wearing protective gear as a “car accident.” The wrestlers are required to need not only be built like a tank, but also train their mental acuity.


What kind of life do they live in, and what thoughts do they take on the fight? Director Sakata Eiji brings out their humanity, revealing these stellar athletes in their intense training and regiment, including all their fears, hopes and, sometimes, joy, which also includes the always doting, but perhaps more resilient and diminutive wives who support their hulking life partners. 


SUMODO is a must-see film that shines a light on one of the most revered sports in Japan and its deep ties to its culture and history.



Sakata Eiji 

Sakata Eiji was born in Saitama, Japan in April 3, 1975. He has been a producer of a number of popular TV shows and documentary TV programs. SUMODO ~ The Successors of Samurai ~ is his first documentary feature film.

2020 – SUMODO ~ The Successors of Samurai ~


Anderson Le
Film director: SAKATA Eiji
Year: 2020
Running time: 103'
Country: Japan
30/06 - 1:00 PM
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