To You, From Me

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Tribute to Jang Sun-woo

To You, from Me 

너에게 나를 보낸다 (Neo-ege na-reul bonaenda)

South Korea, 1994, 113’, Korean
Directed by: Jang Sun-woo
Screenplay: Jang Sun-woo, Koo Sung-joo, based on the novel by Jang Jung-il
Photography (color): Yoo Young-kil
Editing: Kim Hyun
Production Design: Jo Yoong-sam, Kim Cheol-woong 
Music: Kang San-e
Producer: Yoo In-taek
Cast: Moon Sung-keun (novelist), Jeong Seon-gyeong (Woman in Pants), Yeo Kyun-dong (bank employee), Kim Bu-seon (bar owner), Choi Jae-young (Vice Chairman Baek), Gong Ho-seok (Chairman Hyun)

Date of First Release in Territory:  October 1st, 1994


A novelist from Daegu lives in shame after an accusation that his award-winning novel was plagiarized. His explanation, that the story came to him in a dream, convinces no one. However one day a woman appears in front of his home and claims that she too had the same dream. Declaring herself to be a prize more valuable than the literary prize he won, she moves in with him, initiates a sexual relationship and says she will inspire him to write a great novel. 
Meanwhile the novelist’s best friend, who works as a bank teller and lives with his mother, dreams of escaping the dull servitude of his life. Possessed of a vivid imagination, but with few opportunities to make use of it, he spends most nights drinking beer with the novelist in a local bar. Together they try to sort out their direction in life, and to make sense of the appearance of this woman – whose past turns out to be more complicated than they realize.
To You, from Me is based on a 1992 novel by Jang Jung-il, who also wrote the book on which Lies is based. The story is loose in its structure, willing to meander here and there to explore various aspects of the three characters’ lives. The three protagonists are all a bit lost, each in their own way. Ambition plays a big part in each character’s life, as well as failure.
It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Jang Sun-woo taking this material and making it as unforgettably vibrant, funny, thought-provoking and real. Jang is not interested in building a narrative in the way that most filmmakers do; instead of carrying us smoothly towards some discernable goal, he confronts us with a wide spectrum of different impressions, all the while provoking our thinking in unexpected ways. With some directors you can feel their vision and personality dominate every film they make, but Jang Sun-woo seems to deliberately take himself out of the picture, not wanting to come between the audience and the characters. 
Sexually frank, funny, and sometimes disturbing and uncomfortable, To You, from Me was released in a censored version in South Korea but still became the highest grossing Korean movie of 1994. The film made a star out of Jeong Seon-gyeong for the powerful energy she brought to the film. (Audiences at this year’s FEFF will also be able to see her in A Hot Roof and Park Chan-wook’s Trio.) To You, from Me is one of the iconic works of the 1990s, but few viewers have been able to watch it in its original form. Thus we are particularly proud to be screening the newly remastered version for the very first time at FEFF. 



Darcy Paquet
Film director: JANG Sun-woo
Year: 1994
Running time: 113'
Country: South Korea
22/04 - 03:50 PM
Visionario, Via Asquini 33
22-04-2023 15:50 22-04-2023 17:43Europe/Rome To You, From Me Far East Film Festival Visionario, Via Asquini 33CEC Udine