FEFF online 2024


27 selected streaming titles for the digital space supported by MYmovies.
Big news: a live webcast of the masterclass Zhang Yimou will be holding in Udine on Thursday 2 May!


It's only two weeks until the start of the Far East Film Festival 26, the largest European outpost for Far Eastern cinema, so it's time to announce the contents of FEFF online, the digital space supported as always by the FEFF's historic partner MYmovies. A priceless selection of titles from the 2024 line-up that Asian distributors have made available for streaming over the nine days of the festival, from the 24th of April to the 2nd of May.


FEFF online will this year be offering 27 films: 14 in competition, including the galactic Alienoid double-bill, and 13 which are not in competition from the two retrospectives (A/B side VIBES. Greatest Hits from '80s & '90s and 50/50: Celebrating 50 Years of Korean Film Preservation) and from the documentary section. And the big news is the live webcast of one of the programme's key events: the masterclass that Zhang Yimou, a legendary name in cinema (and not only in Chinese cinema), will be holding on Thursday the 2nd of May (11:35am) on the stage of the Teatro Nuovo "Giovanni da Udine" Theatre.


All films will only be available for Italy and three will be "Gala" titles (a single online screening with a specific start time and a 4-hour window): (Ab)normal Desire by Kishi Yoshiyuki, Motion Picture: Choke by Nagao Gen and Voice by Mishima Yukiko. Access to FEFF online (www.mymovies.it/live/feff/) comes with a subscription to MYmovies ONE, starting from €7.90 per month and can be purchased immediately. Access is also guaranteed to all active subscribers to Fareastream, the first Italian on-demand platform for Asian cinema which, like FEFF online itself, bears the double signature of FEFF and MYmovies.


The list of titles can be downloaded as a pdf here.



Competition [14]  
Rob N Roll, Albert MAK, robbers’ robbed robbers action comedy, Hong Kong 2024, European Premiere 
Ali Topan, Sidharta TATA, modern-lovers-on-the-run punkist story, Indonesia 2023, Italian Premiere
The Train of Death, Rizal MANTOVANI, horror train with enraged demons, Indonesia 2024, International Premiere
(Ab)normal Desire, KISHI Yoshiyuki, ode to unorthodox sexual behavior, Japan 2023, European Premiere [GALA] – 01/05/2024 – H.20:00
Motion Picture: Choke, NAGAO Gen, silent dystopian parable, Japan 2023, International Premiere [GALA] – 28/04/2024- H. 20:00
Takano Tofu, MIHARA Mitsuhiro, my tofu is better than yours, Japan 2023, European Premiere 
Voice, MISHIMA Yukiko, a quiet drama about how to overcome pain, Japan 2024, International Premiere [GALA] – 27/04/2024 – H.20:00
Alienoid, CHOI Dong-hoon, aliens are amongst us, South Korea 2022
Alienoid: The Return to the Future, CHOI Dong-hoon, hidden aliens and time-travel part two, South Korea 2024, Italian Premiere 
Becky and Badette, Jun Robles LANA, queer comedy about fakes, The Philippines 2023, European Premiere
Rookie, Samantha LEE, coming of age between sport and love, The Philippines 2023, International Festival Premiere 
Old Fox, HSIAO Ya-chuan, The Prince and the Pauper in Taipei, Taiwan 2023, European Premiere  
Tales of Taipei, AA VV, an ode to the city from 9 directors, Taiwan 2023, International Premiere 
Death Whisperer, Taweewat WANTHA, there is a ghost in the family, Thailand 2023, European Premiere 

Out of Competition [13]
RETROSPECTIVE: PART 2 - A/B side VIBES. Greatest Hits from ‘80s & ‘90s
tribute to LEE Myung-se
Nowhere to Hide, LEE Myung-se, noir, South Korea 1999/4K restoration 2018, Italian Premiere
Their Last Love Affair, LEE Myung-se, drama, South Korea 1996/4K restoration 2024, World Premiere
Rosy Life, KIM Hong-jun, drama, South Korea 1994, 4K restoration 2022, International Premiere 
Letter to an Angel, Garin NUGROHO, drama, Indonesia 1994/4K restoration 2024, European Premiere 
Third World Hero, Mike DE LEON, an iconoclastic search for a national hero, The Philippines 1999/2K restoration, Italian Premiere 
50/50: Celebrating 50 Years of Korean Film Preservation
The Flower in Hell, SHIN Sang-ok, post-war drama, South Korea 1958/4K restoration 2020, European Premiere 
Madame Freedom, HAN Hyeong-mo, daring drama, South Korea 1956/4K restoration 2022, European Premiere
Money, KIM So-dong, South Korea, poverty drama, 1958/4K restoration 2022, World Premiere
Nakdong River, JEON Chang-keun, semi documentary, South Korea 1952/4K restoration 2022, European Premiere
Piagol, LEE Kang-cheon, political war drama, South Korea 1955/4K restoration 2016, Italian Premiere
The Wedding Day, LEE Byeong-il, comedy, South Korea 1956/4K restoration 2007, Italian Premiere
The Widow, PARK Nam-ok, post war drama, South Korea 1955/restoration 2020, European Premiere

The Contestant, Clair TITLEY, UK 2023, Italian Premiere

Tutti i film saranno disponibili online per tutto il periodo del festival se non specificati come [GALA]


Per GALA si intende la proiezione online unica con uno specifico orario di inizio e una finestra di 4 ore. 

Tutti i film saranno disponibili solo per l’Italia.