Nice View


Nice View
奇迹·笨小孩  (Qi Ji·Ben Xiao Hai)
China, 2022, 106’, Mandarin
Directed by: Wen Muyue
Screenplay: Zhou Chucen, Xiu Mengdi, Wen Muyue, Han Xiaohan, Zhong Wei
Photography (color): Wang Boxue
Editing: Liu Jinghao, Wang Nan   
Art Direction: Li Miao  
Music: Huang Chao
Sound: Lin Siyu
Visual Effects: Jiang Chao 
Chief Producer: Ning Hao
Producers: Liu Mingyi, Wang Yibing
Production Companies: Dirty Monkey (Sh) Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Dream Factory (Sh) Film Co.,Ltd., Shenzhen Film & Tv.Co., Ltd. 
Cast: Jackson Yee (Jing Hao), Helen Chen Halin (Jing Tong), Tian Yu (Liang Yongcheng), Wang Lihan (Liang Shen), Qi Xi (Wang Chunmei), Gong Lei (Zhang Longhao), Xu Juncong (Zhang Chao), Wang Ning (Liu Hengzhi), Huang Yao (Wu Xiaoli, Gong Jonguo (Zhong Wei)

Date of First Release in the Territory: February 1st, 2022

After the major success of Dying to Survive (FEFF 2019), which established him as the auteur of a distinctive style of contemporary neo-realist cinema in which social issues are tackled with gravitas but also with touches of black humour, with his second feature Nice View Wen Muyue once again tells a story that, while tragic, is also an expression of the optimistic “Chinese Dream” promoted by official propaganda.  
The film is set in Shenzhen in the years immediately following the 2012 CCP Congress in which Xi Jinping was elected General Secretary of the Party, and celebrates the direction given to the country by the new leader through the story of two brothers in a city that is famous for its transformation from an insignificant rural town in the 1980s to an industrial megalopolis. The Chinese title of the film is “Miracle,” and this is no coincidence: miraculous refers not only to the story it tells but also where it takes place, a city where anything can happen, even miracles. Jing Hao is an enterprising young man who, after his father abandons him and his mother dies, moves to Shenzhen with his sister Jing Tong, a little girl with a serious congenital disease that can only be cured with a costly operation. Jing Hao works as a mobile phone repairman, and although this job allows him to support himself and his sister modestly, he is unable to afford the mounting hospital bills that are becoming more and more pressing. When he is offered the chance to work on a large supply of second-hand mobile phones sent from Italy, he decides to take a risk, and gets up to his neck in debt. With the help of friends he rents a warehouse and sets up a team of “technicians” who have no experience but a lot of enthusiasm. He then manages to approach the CEO of one of the most important distribution companies, obtaining a verbal promise to buy the repaired mobile phones. But things don’t go as hoped, and Jing Hao is left high and dry, but his determination prevails, along with the perseverance typical of the Chinese people, which can work wonders...
An interesting aspect of Nice View is the equal distribution of virtues and flaws between the rich and poor: during his odyssey, Jing Hao meets dishonest people both in the business environment and among people who, because they share his situation of economic hardship, should be sympathetic to him; and vice versa, he is helped not only by his friends but also by a capitalist par excellence. As if to say that the Chinese Dream is everyone’s heritage, regardless of one’s social position. The behaviour of the police in the story is predictably impeccable. The cast adds a certain gravitas to the film, particularly through the performance of Jackson Yee (Better Days, 2019) who was praised by the director for his self-discipline during the shoot, which took place in very trying conditions: four typhoons and two waves of Covid. Even the little girl who plays Jing Hao’s little sister does so with surprising panache, and the cameos by celebrities such as Xu Zhen, Zhang Yu and Tian Zhuangzhuang demonstrate the respect that Wen Muyue and Ning Hao – whose company Dirty Monkey produced this film as well as Dying to Survive – command in the Chinese film industry. 

Wen Muye

Wen Muye (1985, Jilin) is a director, screenwriter, editor. Wen shot his first short film Battle under the guidance of Tian Zhuangzhuang, a renowned 5th generation director. The film was awarded the 2013 Special Jury Prize at the 7th FIRST International Film Festival. In 2014 Wen picked up the Grand Prize at the Asiana International Short Film Festival with his short film Requiem. Numerous awards were won by his Dying to Survive (2018), produced by Dirty Monkey, founded by Ning Hao, and of which Wen Muyue is an associate.   


2012 – Battle (short)
2014 – Requiem (short)
2015 – Cities in Love (anthology film)
2018 – Dying to Survive (2018)
2019 – My People, My Country (segment One for All)
2022 – Nice View
Maria Barbieri
Film director: WEN Muye
Year: 2022
Running time: 106'
Country: China
30/04 - 11:00 AM
Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
30-04-2022 11:00 30-04-2022 12:46Europe/Rome Nice View Far East Film Festival Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da UdineCEC Udine