Extreme Job (Korea) and Furie (Vietnam).
The twenty-first edition of Far East Film ends on Saturday the 4th of May with a double European premiere. 
On Wednesday the 1st of May a meeting will bring together European and Asian filmmakers and producers to analyse the potential and possible developments of the Italy-China co-production agreement signed in 2018.
We are very pleased to announce the FOCUS ASIA 2019 programme. And starting from today it is also possible to get your online Industry accreditation!
All the FAR EAST FILM FESTIVAL down to the minute.
The extraordinary Korean star who won Best Actress at Cannes for Secret Sunshine will be the queen of the 2019 Opening Night!
Far East Film Festival invites 10 aspiring global journalists to become part of the FEFF Family.
Here are the 15 titles selected for the FEFF 21 Project Market and the 15 professionals selected for the international Asia-Europa workshop
Korean director Lee Jong-un's powerful bourgeois drama will be the film that opens FEFF 21. 
Five years after the Sewol ferry disaster, the film that the whole of Korea is waiting for.
Sex and social satire in Fruit Chan's new film, which has its European premiere in Udine: a bold and powerful metaphor for the realities of HK. Special guest of FEFF 21 is the film's protagonist Chloe Maayan, an actress who symbolises the new generation of young Chinese.
Hong Kong superstar Anthony Wong, the FEFF 21 special guest, to receive the Golden Mulberry for Outstanding Achievement Award!
Once again, graphic designer Roberto Rosolin signs the official image of the FEFF 21.
Extended deadline for submissions: 20th February 2019
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