TIES THAT BIND, the leading workshop programme connecting professionals from Asia and Europe, announces its 13th edition's participants.
And it's Japan again in second place (You’re Not Normal, Either!) with Taiwan in third place (My Missing Valentine). The 2021 edition concludes with 10 thousand participants on site and 15 thousand online.
After three days of pitches, panels, case studies and hundreds of meetings, a record-breaking edition of FOCUS ASIA comes to an end!
From the world premiere of Fruit Chan's Coffin Homes to the International Festival Premiere of the restored version of Lau and Mak's Infernal Affairs: here are all the highlights of the ninth day. The 2021 Golden Mulberry Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Bologna's L’Immagine Ritrovata.
Bologna's L'Immagine Ritrovata win the Far East Film Festival 23's Golden Mulberry Award for Lifetime Achievement.
STORIES OF SPORT, STORIES OF LIFE: THE BIG AND THE LITTLE CHAMPIONS OF FEFF 23. A trio of World Premieres for the  penultimate day: Zero to Hero, Sugar Street Studio and Before Next Spring!
From Midnight Swan and Sumodo to a homage to Eddie Garcia and the return of horror movies: chronicle of a packed day in the Far East!  The Festival’s Industry Section opens with Focus Asia and Ties That Bind. 
From Deliver Us from Evil to Gatao, stopping off at Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time: a hail of bullets strafes the screen of FEFF 23! But the sixth day of the Festival is also about love, with Just 1 Day, Hold Me Back and Keep Rolling, a wonderful portrait of Ann Hui.
From the delicacy of Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy to the ferocity of Last of the Wolves, by way of environmental paen Anima.
From Ito and Office Royale to Assassins and Money Has Four Legs (whose producer has been arrested by the military regime in Myanmar), the fourth day of the FEFF turns the spotlight on women. We'll also be kicking off the sections dedicated to restored films and acclaimed Korean director Yoo Jong-bin.
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