China takes second and third place with Return to Dust and Too Cool to Kill.


The 2022 edition comes to an end with 40,000 spectators.

All the Winners of the 2022 edition of Far East Film Festival.

Three days of pitches, panels and hundreds of meetings come to an end - a very special edition of Focus Asia!


The film Blood Song: A Silent Ballad won the prestigious 108 MEDIA Distribution Award.

Far East Film Festival 24 officially comes to an end with the hilarious Too Cool to Kill and the pitch black Confession.


In the afternoon, Costantino della Gheradesca will be the guest of Under the Same Sky. Around midnight, all the winners of the 2022 edition will be announced.

Takeshi Kitano will receive the Golden Mulberry Award for Lifetime Achievement in virtual form at the Far East Film Festival at 19.30. A screening of Sonatine will follow.
The world premiere of Legendary in Action, irresistible homage to Hong Kong wuxia!
9 films in the line-up, including Japanese comedy Love Nonetheless and the restored version of Miike Takashi's cult legend Audition.
The fifth day's films include the world premiere of Sunshine of My Life and incredible Filipino cult movie Leonor Will Never Die.
Two world premieres: family comedy Table for Six and the restored version of Initial D.
Among today's 7 films, restored cult smash Battle Royale and the grand return of Hiroki Ryuichi with Noise. Josie Ho presents the world premiere of Finding Bliss while Stephy Tang presents the international premiere of Twelve Days.