Far East Film Festival 26

The accreditation campaign kicks off on 5 February – special Early Bird prices! 

The FEFF’s new image is once again the work of graphic designer Roberto Rosolin.

Walk through a city. It might be Hong Kong or it might be a dot anywhere on the map of Southeast Asia. And while you walk, take the time to raise your eyes and let your gaze drift slowly across the windows of the houses and buildings. There's a life behind each one, and every life contains a story. Small or large, it doesn’t matter. Because each story is just waiting to be told, listened to, and shared...

The new image for the Far East Film Festival in Udine, created once again by graphic designer Roberto Rosolin, moves poetically along metaphorical lines: the FEFF is a city overflowing with lives, stories and, of course, movies. A city tailor-made for both the voracious inquisitiveness of the tourist and the meticulous curiosity of the traveller. And even though the countdown to the 26th edition has only just started ticking (and let's not forget, the international spotlights will be turned on from 24 April to 2 May), the 2024 accreditation campaign is already set to go!

So from 5 February to 4 March you’ll be able to purchase Red Panda or White Tiger accreditation (including an under-26s version) online at a special Early Bird price. Press and Black Dragon packages will instead be available at full price. For details, go to the accreditation page.
Eagerly anticipated in Udine in its historic twin home of the Teatro Nuovo theatre and the Visionario cinema, Far East Film Festival 26 will offer 9 days of full immersion in the heart of Asia: films, stars walking the red carpet, talks, presentations and exhibitions, not to mention the over 100 themed events scattered throughout the centre of the city. Both the real city, with its streets and squares, and the metaphorical city, where tourists and travellers can look up to see the green of the trees - where trees still grow - and peer through the glass of a window to find themselves magically elsewhere…